Thursday, 21 December 2017

Christmas in New York City Travel Diary #3

After two very busy and full on days doing New York, we decided to take a bit more of a chilled day today, and we needed it! With end of term tiredness that only a teacher will understand, a day of relaxing was just what we needed ready to explore this amazing city again.

We walked to Lord & Taylor's to check out their Christmas window, which I thought was way better than Macy's (I know, I know, Macy's int he ultimate Christmas window!) but Lord & Taylor's was so Christmassy and cute. The whole window was decorated in bushes with lights and squirrels which I loved too.

Next we walked to Bath & Body Works as I wanted some Christmas candles. I've never had a Bath & body Works candle before, but have heard great things so wanted to give them a try. When I walked in and saw al of the Christmas candles I was so freakin' happy. There were so many incredible choices that it was so hard to pick. In the end I chose Frosted Cranberry and Spiced Apple Toddy candles. I can't wait to get home and light them (although not too soon, still got lots more of NYC to explore first!)

We then stopped in Pret for a drink. I really wanted a Christmas coffee but their coffee choices sucked so we got a hot chocolate instead and it was a damn good hot chocolate. I love that coffee is basically a culture in New York; there are coffee shops on every corner and they're always packed out.

We then stopped in an Irish pub for a proper comfort meal. We've been eating junk for the past few days so having a proper meal was amazing, I think I devoured it in seconds. Living in China, it's hard to get food like this and when you do, it never tastes how it should so this was the best meal I'd eaten in so long. Paul was sat behind a 'fecking eejit' sign and didn't realise which gave me lots of entertainment because I'm sad like that!

We spent the rest of the day chilling out and I did a little work on my blog. We're so ready to get back out and explore tomorrow.

Check back tomorrow for another travel diary update and follow along on Instagram.


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