Friday, 22 December 2017

Christmas in New York City Travel Diary #4

Considering we've been in NYC for a few days, we haven't actually eaten so bad but I knew I wanted to get pancakes for breakfast.

Google kindly introduced Bubby's as a great breakfast joint and I can't agree more. Everything on the menu sounded great and it all looked so pretty too. I ordered oatmeal, Paul got omelette and we shared some blueberry pancakes. Seriously guys, I know people always say 'best pancakes ever' when they have pancakes for breakfast, because let's face it, pancakes are amazing, but these genuinely were the best pancakes I have ever eaten. 

Following brunch, we did a little shopping and a little walking to try to walk of the insane amount of food we had eaten. We then went to see Jumanji at the cinema - go and see it guys, it's great! You may think spending time in a cinema was a waste of valuable NY sightseeing time but living in China, the cinema experience isn't so great and we don't get too many English movies so it was a real luxury for us and we loved it. Although, American cinemas are a lot more dramatic than in England, with one guy telling people who talked he would f*#! their ass, another guy making perverted noises every time a hot girl came on screen and the general enthusiasm from the audience. 

We've been to the Empire State Building a few times now but have never made it at sunset so we timed our visit to make sure we got to see the sun setting over Manhattan. We timed it perfectly, arriving just as the sun was setting. The price is pretty steep to go all the way to the top, Top. of the Rock is much cheaper. We made the mistake of going all the way to the top for sunset which has a window around so it was tough to get good photos, the lower floors are more open so you can get better photos. The views were still fantastic though and we were lucky that it was a really clear afternoon. New York City really is an incredible place and standing at the top watching the sky change colour was so peaceful. 

We then hit the shops around Times Square and bought a few more bits. I'm seriously going to miss Old Navy - it's such a great shop! 

To end our day we headed to Outback Steakhouse. Paul loves steak and knew he wanted to have steak while we were in NY. I love the Outback Steakhouse, it's always a guaranteed good meal and they have the best menu. I think it's one of my favourite chains to eat at. I ordered the baked potato soup and a Cobb salad and Paul got the biggest steak I've ever seen. I also ordered a blackberry sangria which isn't usually my thing but it was incredible! I took a photo of the ingredients to try to make my own. 

Tomorrow is our last day in NYC and we're doing all of the Christmassy things and eating all of the food. Check back to see it and follow along on Instagram for more photos.


  1. Wow! I'm feeling hungry now for read your post. It looks all yummy. Happy New Year

    1. NYC is definitely the place to be for all of the food. Happy New Year Vanessa, thanks for dropping by!

  2. Um I work A BLOCK AWAY from Bubby's! We were a block away from each other!!! Bonkers! Ships in the night! Love seeing how you made the most of your vacation. Gorgeous ESB views!

    Mary Lane @NewYorkCliche

    1. Ahhhh really? Next time, we need to go and have pancakes there together! x


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