Saturday, 23 December 2017

Reasons I will Always Travel Home for Christmas

It's time! I't's finally time to travel home for Christmas and I'm so freakin' excited! Any expats out there will know how special time at home is, but Christmas is always extra special. I'm only home for such a short time so I'm planning to make the most of every second. I'm excited to do all of my favourite things in Newcastle, but also really looking forward to vegging in front of the TV with the family (and food!) There's something about the familiarity of home that can never ever be replaced, no matter how long you have been away.

I've recently been seeing lots of blog posts about reasons not to travel home for Christmas but for me, home is the only place I'd want to be so I thought I'd share a few reasons why I'll always travel home for Christmas.

1.  Love is all around. For me, Christmas is all about the love and there is nowhere in the world with more love than at home with family. I've never yet made bonds with people like those at home, the people who know me inside out, I can be 100% myself and they love me anyway. They are the people I want to spend Christmas with.

2.  The food. Being an expat I get a double whammy of this as I get all of the Christmas treats as well as all of my favourite local yummies that I don't get to have in Beijing. Plus, nobody in the world will ever be able to make Christmas dinner as good as my momma. I mean, is that not a good reason to travel home for Christmas?

3.  The traditions. I'm all about the traditions, especially at Christmas time. Whenever anybody suggests changing a long-standing (or short-standing) tradition I get inconsolably upset. Traditions are one of the best things about Christmas for me and it just wouldn't be Christmas to me if we didn't do them.

4.  Shopping. Shopping in Beijing sucks, and I mean seriously sucks! I go crazy shopping whenever I'm home and I love going to all of my favourite shops and going wild in the sales.

5.  Chill time. I love to travel, but when I'm travelling I never fully relax. Being home is the only time I can completely switch off and just chill. My mam rallies around making our meals and looking after me and I love just not having to think.

6.  The TV. It's almost tradition for people to complain about the rubbish TV at Christmas, but I love being able to actually watch TV. In Beijing the only things I can watch are things I download or buy, so I love being able to just flick on the TV and find something to watch, even if it is absolutely crap. There's nothing better than a good episode of TOWIE, Come Dine with Me or Four Weddings.

7.  That festive feeling. Christmas never feelings quite as festive as at home. Actually, that's not true, NYC is festive as hell so maybe I need to rephrase that, but Beijing is definitely not. I love how happy and cheerful everybody is. The whole atmosphere of a place and people's moods are completely uplifted at Christmas and it makes home such a happy place to be.

8.  Never being alone. Depending on how long you're home, it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming that you are always with people and can't seem to catch a moment to yourself. That's normal as it's no longer your 'official' home and you are now the guest. But being home always reminds me that I'm not alone. Sometimes expat life can feel quite lonely and taking regular trips home reminds me that I am not alone and I am loved. It's a nice and reassuring feeling.

So there you have it, 8 simple reasons that will always see me travel home for Christmas.

Do you prefer to spend Christmas at home or away? Let me know why in the comments. 

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