Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Tips to Overcome January Blues

Oh January, I both love you and hate you in equal measures. I love that fresh feeling of a new year and an opportunity to start over. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m completely aware that I could do this on any of the other 365 days of the year, but there’s something particularly refreshing about January 1st, the start of a new year, the first page of your story.
The year always starts off so positively and filled with motivation, but somewhere along the way January loses its shine and times become tough. It’s the end of the very best celebrations, reality of life hits and you realise that the changes you are so determined to make are bloody hard and you just really want to eat that giant piece of chocolate fudge brownie. Oh, and it’s cold as hell!

But if you can survive January, it puts you in such an awesome place to stay motivated and keep moving forward with your goals I’m sharing some of my best ideas to stay motivated on those sad January days.
Date Day with your Besties
I mean, if there’s one thing that is guaranteed to put a big smile on your face it’s spending time with your girls. No matter what you do, you can always be sure that it’s going to involve a huge amount of gossip and laughter and there really is no better cure when you’re feeling sad.

Have a Treat
I’m all about moderation and a healthy lifestyle this year (because it’s January and I’m motivated as hell, don’t ask me what I’m all about by the time June rolls around) so if you’re craving that pizza slice or bar of chocolate, go for it, just do it in moderation. But an even better tip is to treat yourself to something healthy. There are loads of alternatives out there that are super healthy but taste delicious. Slimming World recipes are always a great way to have a treat using a slimmed-down version. Sometimes just having something tasty can combat the need to eat 5 pizzas and 10 bars of chocolate, with a few donuts on the side. Oh, and another tip which is literally a lifesaver for me is Cadbury’s Highlights hot chocolate. It’s only around 50 calories and tastes delicious; it’s the perfect way to combat your chocolate craving and still be healthy. Try to stick with the healthy options though guys, because we all know that eating the junk makes us feel good at the time but we’re going to feel a million times worse after.

Pamper Session
When you’re feeling shIt, there’s nothing better than having a good old pamper session. For me, it’s all about the moisturiser and manicures. I love nothing better than soft skin and freshly painted nails. Whatever it is you like, take a day out and just do it. Have a long bath with a million bubbles, spend a couple of hours perfecting your manicure or put on the most expensive face mask you can find because why the hell not? You deserve it and always feel so much better when preened.

Shopping Spree
Ok girls, shopping is one thing we can definitely do well and January is the perfect time to do it with all of your Christmas money and sales! I don’t know about you but buying pretty new things for myself always makes me smile, but getting a bloody good bargain on them makes me even happier. Why not take your girls with you and combine 2 of the best things ever – girl dates and shopping!

Favourite Things
Life is all about enjoyment but sometimes work, challenges and daily routines can get in the way of us doing those things that we truly love. Time goes by so quickly too and before you know it a few months have gone by and you’ve not done any of the things you love. Don’t let that happen guys, make time to do them, whether it’s taking 30 minutes of the day for you or keeping a weekend aside to do what you love. Read that book, watch that new TV series, take that class you’ve always wanted to take or do that hobby you love. Life is far too short to not do the things you love regularly.

Take it Slow
I was going to stick at those 5 things, because 5 is just a good number, isn’t it? I wanted to add this last one though because it’s so important and I think it’s the reason why many people fail on their goals. In January everybody is all go, making many huge changes to their life in one go. It’s not realistic and it’s not sustainable. Trust me, I have 31 years of trying and failing “(perhaps not quite as I’m pretty sure I didn’t set myself goals when I was a baby, but you get my drift, I’ve failed a lot) Choose 1 small step towards your bigger goal and work on that first, slowly building it up in achievable steps. When you start so big and fail, it’s so easy to lose motivation and give up, so just don’t do it to yourselves guys. Allow yourself to succeed!

So there you go, the little tips that I’m following this year to try to make 2018 the year I succeed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still crawling along and scraping motivation from wherever I can find it, but crawling along is still moving forward and I’ll take it!

What are your top tips for staying motivated when you’re feeling the January blues (or any month blues to be honest)


  1. This is such a necessary post! January blues are so real. I am ready for the cold weather to pass. I love the Day date with besties and pamper yourself tips :)

  2. In the past I remember doing things to make January more fun. One year it was dating and another it was traveling. I always felt like I needed something fun.

  3. I live in Southern California so we don't get the January blues really. But this is a great list for anyone who is looking to get their mind off something.

  4. Great tips! I wrote the same post yesterday! It's so important to stay positive throughout January, it's quite a depressing month!

  5. Totally agree, so I just keep it up and looking for the February to start ;) So many holidays in December and January so I still feel a little tired!

    The White Ocean

  6. Even I like the fresh feeling of the new year in the month of January. We must have positive vibes and everything will fall into its way :)

  7. Great post you just hit the point, I hate January so much, I know that January is the start of new year and I have to get the positive feelings, but the beginning of the year just kill me off.

  8. I always look forward to planning my summer holiday in January, it gives me a hope of better things to come.

  9. Great tips. Reading this made me realize I have got to spend time with my girls! I enjoy journaling, reading and adult coloring; things I seem to not do enough these days. Great post!


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