Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Weight Loss Journey #1

So this is my very first weight loss update of 2018 and while I didn't start my health kick at the beginning of January, I did begin when work and real life kicked in, so it's been around 3 and a half weeks. It's that time of year when everybody is working on goals and trying to get fitter and healthier so I thought I'd share my monthly journey.

January Weight Loss Results

Week 1: -7 1/2 pound
Week 2: - 2 1/2 pound
Week 3: - 2 1/2 pound

Total - 12 1/2 pound

What I'm Eating

My diet hasn't been very varied this month but I'm ok with that. I'm all about keeping it simple and that's exactly what I've done. Before we went home for the holiday we cooked up a whole load of freezer meals and they have been a lifesaver!

❤  Breakfast - Most days I have scrambled egg for breakfast, alternated with oats. Oats are my absolute fave (well, not including pancakes, toast and butter and all of the unhealthy options) but they're a bit heavier so I try to keep them as a treat for the weekend and have egg through the week. Sometimes I just need some oats to get me through the week though.

❤  Lunch - We get lunch provided at school, but don't worry it's not sloppy school meals, we actually get an amazing choice of meals, although to be fair I love a good sloppy school meal. Semolina? jam sponge and custard? mince and dumplings anyone? Each weekday I take tuna to school and eat it with salad. My weekend lunches vary between soup, scrambled egg and crisp-bread and Philadelphia.

❤  Dinner - Dinners have varied between the meals in our freezer, accompanied with vegetables and/or sweet potato chips. The meals we have cooked up are all Slimming World friendly  and include fishcakes, pasties, sticky chicken, lasagne and cottage pie.

❤  Eating Out - I'm not depriving myself of eating out completely, I'm just doing it in moderation and spacing it out and so far it's working for me. This month we went out for pizza, hot pot and cous cous. Choosing healthier (for the most part) places to eat and not going wild when I order is still allowing me to lose weight.

How It's Going

All is going well so far and I'm not finding the whole diet thing too hard. It helps that I'm seeing good results right now which I'm sure will eventually slow down and things will start to get tougher. Having little meals out now and again is really helping me to stay on track too as I still get to treat myself sometimes. Having a goal is really helping too - it's kind of now or never! Moving to London in the summer is giving me the best motivation for sticking to the diet.

What's Tough

The only thing I'm really finding hard right now is avoiding the snacks at school. The kids at school have snacks in the classroom each day, which includes fruit and some kind of pastry or cake. I'm a huge cake lover so it's tough for me! Plus they're based in my classroom. Sometimes it takes every single bit of willpower I have.

This Month's Tip

❤  Preparation! Preparation has completely saved my ass since I've gone back to school. If I didn't have a meal that I could just pull out of the freezer and have ready in 10 minutes, I never would have lasted on the diet so long. 

Did you set yourself some health, weight loss or fitness goals this year? How are you getting on with them?


  1. You are doing awesome!! Congrats girl!!

    1. Thanks Brooklyn, I'm trying! I really wish February has been as successful as January though!! x


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