Wednesday, 21 February 2018

How to Stop a Bad Food Day Turning into a Disastrous One

You know those days where you've been eating so healthy for so bloody long but you've had a shit day and just really want to eat all of the bad food? So you tear yourself up for ages before caving and calling your favourite takeaway place to bring you all of the food (and probably way more than you can ever eat!)
We all have them and it's so easy to write off the day (or week) but that's the worst possible thing you can do. I've been there so many times and I know that devastating feeling when you've devoured the food and hate yourself afterwards. I'm by no means the master of this, hell, I'm still battling the urge to order in every day, but I'm sharing my tips to make sure that your bad food day doesn't turn into a disastrous one.

❤  Order Sensibly - one thing us binge eaters are great at is sticking to a strict healthy eating plan for 5 days then ordering/buying every single food on the menu because if we're going to have a bad day, we might as well make it worthwhile. How can it even be classed as a bad food day if you don't eat an entire cake, a tub of ice-cream and a giant bag of M&Ms on the side? The thing is, if you order a small pizza or a standard meal with no extras, sure you may not lose weight that day or week, but you may just get to stay the same. At the very least you won't gain as much as you would be eating everything in sight. Making a sensible choice when ordering is definitely the way forward. You don't need to deprive yourself, you just need to be sensible.

❤  Recover with Other Meals - If you make a bad choice at lunch-time and overeat, you don't need to write off the whole day. There is still time to recover. You could make a super healthy choice for dinner, such as soup or something light and low in calories. It is likely they will balance each other out to prevent you gaining a load of weight. One meal doesn't counteract all of your other meals (well, I mean, it could) so keep that in mind and don't let your mind travel into the zone of fuck it, I'm supersizing my day.

❤  Bin It - I'm going to advocate for binning food! If you have 1 bite of your very expensive takeaway and decide it's not worth it - put it in the bin! Ok, so that makes it a total waste of money but as somebody who knows how hard dieting is, keeping up that motivation and seeing the weight drop off on the scales is so so worth every single bit of wasted money. Also, if you over order or buy way more food than you can eat and have some left over the next day, bin it! It's not worth the extra pounds it will add.

❤  Ignore the Feelings - I know those feelings well! Those feelings of guilt, disgust and frustration while the devil in your head is still telling you to eat the last piece of cake (can you tell that cake is my total vice?) Push them away and remember that one meal doesn't define your day. If you feel crappy, you're going to want to eat more crappy food. Don't let one mistake make you make many more. You're not a bad person and you can do this - remember that!

❤  It's Only a Day - How many of you have had a bad Tuesday and thought oh well, I'll start again next week as I've already ruined this week? It's the most excusiest excuse there ever was right? I mean there are still 6 days of the week where you could make good choices and totally cancel out your bad choices on Tuesday. Don't write off the week, make the decision to get back on it the next day, wipe the slate clean and start over. And keep starting over and over until you get there, because there's nothing worse than giving up. 

❤  Make a Plan - I'm a huge fan of having a plan! Making a plan can really put everything in perspective and refocus you. Sit down, grab some pretty paper and make a plan for the next day. Don't even think beyond the next day, because when you're feeling down and lacking motivation, one day is an achievement. Having a plan just makes everything easier, you've just got to get your willpower in line with you plan. And remember, you got this! 

These are a few things I'm trying hard to remember on those days when I have a cheat meal and it's not my cheat day. It's a different mentality to how I've previously approached bad food days. I was always the girl that thought fuck it, I already had 1 square of chocolate so I might as well write off the week and eat everything I can possibly get into my mouth between now and the next 6 days. Kind of explains why I'm having to work my ass off to lose weight now right? These few things are really helping me though and I hope they help you too. 

What are your top tips to stop your bad food days from turning disasterous?


  1. I'm so guilty of this! It's usually the days where I don't go to the gym that I think 'oh well' and end up ruining most of my food choices! but you're right just because one meal has been unhealthy doesn't mean the rest of the day has to look like that! x


    1. Me too! The gym gives me that little bit of extra motivation to be healthy. They're all just excuses though aren't they, but it's so hard!! x


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