Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Weight Loss Journey #2

How are we at the end of the second month of 2018 already? It's actually ridiculous how quickly 2018 is going! I know, I sound like a little old lady talking about how quickly time goes by. February has been a bloody tough month and I can't say I've killed it this month. Every single day has been so bloody hard, but even the smallest step is progress right?

February Weight Loss Results

So because I have had such a rough month, the weekly weigh-ins were getting me down as I wasn't able to stick to a full week to make a difference on the scales so I decided to switch to a monthly weigh-in this month instead. 

February weight loss: 0
January weight loss: 12 /12 pound

Total - 12 1/2 pound

So yeah, February hasn't been the greatest of months for me, but I didn't gain weight and I'm happy with that. Even staying still is much better than taking a leap backwards. 

What I'm Eating

 Breakfast - For breakfast I've been having green smoothies and I'm really enjoying them. I chopped up ingredients for a few different kinds and froze them and it's super quick and easy to make them on a morning then head out to work. They make me feel really healthy too and they take me a while to drink so they keep me going for longer. I find that by around 10.30am I'm starving though so have some fruit to keep me going until lunch. During my week off school, the juice just wasn't cutting it at all though. I guess when I'm at work and busy it's easier to not think about all of the food I want to eat. 

❤  Lunch - For lunch I'm alternating between tuna with light mayo and oats with banana. I'm finding that the tuna salad isn't really doing it for me and I much prefer having the oats at lunch-time. They're warm and sweet and hit the spot. One day I put my banana into the oats before heating them up and a little cinnamon and it's just the best thing ever, so that had become my standard lunch. #obsessed

❤  Dinner - Dinners have pretty much been the same as last month as we are still working through out pre-prepared meals in the freezer. I'm so glad we have these, they are literal life-savers! Although, this month has consisted of a lot more takeaways than last month - tut, tut!

How It's Going

So you can probably guess that it's really not been going so well. The problem is that I am good 90% of the week and lose weight, then I have 1 or 2 cheat meals and it literally destroys all of the hard work and I regain the weight I have lost, and sometimes more. Thursdays seem to be my problem! I am 100% good Sunday - Thursday but I always seem to screw up on a Thursday. I guess this is when tiredness really kicks in and it's easier to just grab a sandwich in the canteen and a takeaway for dinner. I've got to find something to get past my Thursday tiredness and keep my motivation up!


There is a silver lining of the shitty month that is February, I started the gym! I haven't been to the gym in a really REALLY long time so it was an absolute killer but I've been pushing through it and once I'm there I don't actually mind it. It's just the actually getting my ass there that's hard. I'm not killing myself at this point, I'm doing around 40 minute of cardio and some weight Mon-Friy, but I'm mostly just damn proud of myself for going.

This Month's Tip

Press pause - Life can get too much and it's so easy to let it get you down, lose your goals and stop meeting your own basic needs. And us yo-yo dieters out there know that as soon as that happens, it's game over for your goal weight jeans. When you feel like things are slipping and you know you're struggling, press pause on life. There's nothing more important that you and your goals and everything else can wait while you figure those things out, so press pause, take some time for yourself, make a plan and try again. Sometimes having the time to regroup it just what you need to recapture your motivation and will power.

How is everyone getting on with their health and fitness goals for 2018? Let me know in the comments.

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