Monday, 19 March 2018

35 Before 35 Bucket List

As I sit here thinking about where I'll be this time next year, I literally can't believe I'm  31! I mean, I know my age, but how did that happen? And how are you supposed to feel when you're in your 30's? I always saw 30 as a mature age where I would have my shit together and be a responsible grown up who can adult like a pro. But as I sit here, that picture couldn't be further from the truth.  Please tell me you're with me girls, and that I'm not the only 30 year old that is still an immature, clueless soul wandering through life and figuring it out through the thousands of mistakes they make?

Anyway, with 4 years to go before turning 35, I want to make them count! I want to look back on my early thirties and think, I fucking lives those thirties years! So, what am I hoping (determined) to achieve over the next 4 years?

❤  Go on holiday with my mam 

Living abroad means my time at home always seems rushed. Whenever I go home I always have so much to do and it's never really a proper holiday. The longer I live abroad, the more I think about the times and memories I'm missing out on with my family. I want to take a chill type holiday with my mam, I'm thinking package holiday where somebody else organises everything and we just get to relax, wander along little Spanish streets, drink cocktails and listen to cheesy music.

❤  Take a girl's trip with Hayley

Me and Hayley used to be so close before I moved abroad. We had our own private jokes and banter that nobody else would ever get. We still do get on well when I'm home, but I'll always regret losing that closeness when I moved abroad. I'd love to take a girl's trip with her and try to recapture it.

❤   Take a trip with girlfriends

Let's be honest girls, no guy can ever match the laughs you have with the girls (or gay bestie in my case) and every girl should experience this on a girl's trip. Gossip, laughs, cocktails, shopping, memories and all of the fun. Maybe a little sun, sand and sea thrown in too.

❤  Find a great group of true girlfriends

This is the dream. I'd love more than anything to have a great group of friends that just get me and I can always rely on and vice versa. As I've got older I've realised that good friends are hard to find and even harder to maintain. You need to be a good friend first and that's something I'm going to be working on, as well as putting myself out there more too.

❤  Have a child (or 2?)

A few years ago I never thought this would be on my list! How times change huh? I was so adamant that I didn't want kids and all of a sudden, all I can think about is having my own little family. I'd love to become a mum by the time I'm 35. 

❤  Be truly happy

Happiness isn't something that is present all of the time, it's fleeting but I want to experience more happy moments than anything else. In general, I want to feel contentedness in my life.

❤  Reach a healthy and happy weight

Ugh, this has been a goal for so bloody long but I'm determined to nail it. How amazing would it be to feel comfortable and confident and just happy with myself. My weight holds me back from so much and I'm determined not to let it hold me back forever.

❤  Have a killer wardrobe

This one links with the one above. For years I've been waiting to lose weight to go on a big shopping spree so have made do with the clothes I have or bought clothes I'm not completely in love with. I want my entire wardrobe to be filled with clothes and accessories that I'm in love with and feel confident in.

❤ Get shit done

When it comes to work I'm a total do-er. I get things done quickly, efficiently and often early. But when it comes to my personal life I'm the complete opposite. I procrastinate with everything and I want to be better at getting shit done that needs to be done. I want to be one of those adults that just has it together and it always on top of life (or at least can fake it like a pro)

❤ Practise healthy habits

This covers lots of things, from healthy eating habits, fitness routine, basic beauty routines and all of the things that come under the heading of healthy habits. Basically I want looking after myself to be a priority and for healthy habits to be a natural part of my day.

❤  Feel content in my job

I used to absolutely love my job. I put 110% into it but I've been in leadership for 3 years now and I've lost my love for it. I'm unsure whether it's the leadership I don't enjoy or the teaching. I want to either rediscover my love for teaching or find a different career that makes me happy. Life is too short to not enjoy something that takes up a huge part of your life.

❤  Be more active

I want the gym or some other form of exercise to be part of a weekly routine for me that I just do, kind of like I go to work. But I also want to be more active in general. I want it to be a mindset. Walk instead of taking the bus, take the stairs instead of the lift, go for a walk instead of eating out. I want my lifestyle to be an active one.

❤  Have a healthy savings account

This hasn't been a priority for me at all. Whenever I've had spare cash I've jumped straight onto Skyscanner to see what trip I could book next. I've now realised that having a good savings account is important and it gives you so many more options in life. I want to build a good solid savings account that is there when I need it.

❤  Buy a house

Pretty self explanatory, but I want to own my own house by the time I'm 35.

❤  Decorate my house of dreams

This is all I can think about lately and it never used to be my think. I keep looking at all of the home accessories I'd love to buy and planning out rooms that I don't even have yet. I want to make my house the most perfect house for my family.

❤  Pay off my debt (student loan)

The only debt I have now is my student loan but I would love to be able to clear it and not have to pay anything out of my wages. Imagine the feeling of not owing anybody, anything.

❤  Celebrate Christmas in NYC (again)

I just love NYC so much, it's my favourite city. Whenever I'm there it just feels like home. It feels like I was meant to be there. Usually my love for places fades when I go back over and over again but my love for NYC just keeps growing. Christmas in particular in so special and I'd love to visit again t Christmas time.

❤  Go to the German Christmas markets (again)

I loved the Munich Christmas market when I visited with my mam a few years ago and I'd love to do it again. It was just so...Christmassy and the food was incredible!

❤  Watch London's New Year fireworks in person (again)

I've seen these once before in person and they were without a doubt the best fireworks I've ever seen. I was quite far back when I watched them but it was still awesome. I'd love to pay the money to stay in a really nice hotel that overlooks the Eye and watch them with a glass of bubbly in my hand.

❤  Go back to Bali

Bali was never top of my list of places but when I visited last summer, I fell in love! It's such a great place - cheap, beautiful views, gorgeous beaches, clean, great food and so much to do. There's still lots I didn't see there so would love to go back and experience it again and maybe splurge a little too.

❤  Take a trip to Mexico

This one has been on my list for a while, mostly because of the food, I'm not going to lie. It actually surprises me that I want to do this so much but when I'm looking at holiday options, I always drift to Mexico. If I'm going to do it, I want to do it in style though - stay in a 5* hotel and really live it up.

❤  Go on a package holiday with Paul

Me and Paul have travelled a lot but we also do DIY holidays, which are great but always hard work and tiring. I want us to have a holiday where somebody else does the work and we get to just enjoy it. An easy holiday!

❤  See the Aurora Borealis

Obviously! This would be the most incredible thing to see! I'd love to tie it in with a big wintery holiday.

❤  Take a road trip in the USA (and hit all of the big sights and cities)

I've done this before but would love to do it one more time. Hit up all of the best places and just really live the American dream for a summer.

❤  Live in a big city for a year (London or NYC)

New York has always been my dream, but I'm realising that dream is going to be very difficult to achieve and I adore London too. I've want to live the big city life for a year (before I have kids)

❤  Learn to drive 

I am a terrible driver. When your driving instructor tells you your not safe to drive for longer than 20 minutes, you know it's not good. But realistically, I probably would never drive for longer than that anyway and it would make life so much easier. At some point, I'm not sure when as I keep putting it off, I want to get my driving license.

❤  See Daughtry in concert

Daughtry are by far my favourite band. I love pretty much every song. I've only seen them in concert once but they were incredible and I'd love to see them again.

❤  Host Christmas dinner

Everybody I know would tell me I could never pull this off, but one year I'm going to prove them wrong! Once I've got my own little house, I want to host the perfect Christmas dinner, complete with handmade place settings and all of the beautifulness.

❤  Take a photography course

I love taking photos but I'm terrible at it so it's be great to know how to get the best shot and how to edit them, especially how to edit them. At the moment I just choose filters and hope for the best.

❤  Thicken my hair

I have always had the thinnest hair, and you girls with thin hair out there will know it sucks. I've never tried anything to thicken it but it'd be great to find something that works and have healthy, thick hair that I could do more with.

❤  Build my blog

I've on and off blogged for a while now but I always end up stopping, then always regret stopping when I start again. Had I kept it up, I'd have a lovely story of my life to look back on and that's what I want to create over the next few years, my story, online. Plus, I really enjoy it!

❤  See the Edinburgh Military Tattoo (again)

This is so not my thing but I've now watched it twice and absolutely loved it both time. I found it so emotional and moving and I absolutely adore bagpipes. It'd be awesome to watch it again!

❤   Go for what I want

Happiness is so important, it's the most important and I sometimes hold back on things I want or agree to do things that I don't want, things that don't make me happy. By the time I'm 35 I want to have the confidence to just go for what I want in life without thinking about what other people think, or say no to the things that don't make me happy.

❤  Have the confidence to be me

I've just never quite got there yet. Again, a big part of this is not feeling comfortable with myself and my weight yet, but I'm going to work on that. When I meet new people, I want to just be myself without worrying about what they think. I want to say what I want to say without overthinking it first and know that I'm enough.

❤  Be the best friend/wife/daughter/person, etc that I can be

I'm not a bad person, but I definitely feel like I could be a better person. Part of it comes from not being happy with myself, it makes it more difficult to focus on other things and people, so I guess I need to work on myself first. I want to know that I am the best person I can be in all aspects and be able to confidently say that.
So, that's my list. Had I wrote this list a few years ago, the things I have included would have been very different. Over the past year or so, I feel that I have changes a lot and so have my priorities and what is important to me. My list isn't so adventurous, but they are things that I truly, genuinely want to do, not because I feel like I should or to get that Insta, but because they will make me happy. 

What's on your list? Let me know!



  1. Love this post, but then I love a good list. I wouldn't worry about not feeling like a grown-ass woman at 31 - I'm about a hundred years older and I still haven't got my shit together, but I'm working on it. :P

    1. Haha we've always loved a good list haven't we? I wonder whether any of us ever get our shit together? I'm thinking I'll probably still be saying the same thing at 80 years old! Nikki x


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