Monday, 12 March 2018

Brunching at Blue Frog, Beijing

Saturday was moving day. Saturday was also hangover from hell day. After the shittiest week ever, I knew that I wanted to get very very drunk on Friday and forget all about the well from hell that has been last week. So I did...

But then I woke up to my landlord offering an option to move apartments a week early. We had intended to move a few things this weekend, but definitely not everything. Not loving the idea of living between 2 apartments for the week, we decided to jump on the option so we dragged out hungover asses out of bed and we moved.

But by lunchtime we were flagging and in need of some food. Not just any food, hangover food! We headed to Blue Frog, one of our favourites here in Beijing. It's the place to go where you know you're always going to get a good Western meal. Their menu has a range of foods - pastas, steaks, burgers, etc and they also do an incredible Big blue Breakfast which basically comes with everything you can imagine.

We went at that weird time of day where it's not quite breakfast and not quite lunch, so we ordered a mix of food. I ordered pancakes with seasonal fruit and a side of sweet potato fries and Paul ordered sliders and chilli cheese fries. All served with a good cuppa and a Diet Coke - the best two hangover cures ever!

As we expected, the food was amazing. Also, warm grapes on pancakes - best thing ever! Who knew? It gave us the energy to unpack our boxes and organise our new apartment and I'm already a little bit in love with it. I can't wait to make it my own! 

If you're visiting China and looking for a good Western option, I'd definitely recommend Blue Frog. I've been to the one in Shanghai and Beijing and neither disappointed. They also do the best happy hour 4-8pm every day and their cocktails are incredible. Plus they have a whole load of offers throughout the week. Check out their website for more info.


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