Thursday, 12 April 2018

April Snow in Beijing

Don't you just love sitting in your most cosy clothes and watching the snow fall outside? I do! I absolutely love the snow, especially when it's freshly fallen, it's so pretty and Christmassy. Let's be honest, if it could be Christmas every day I'd be one very happy girl. What I don't love though, is snow in April. April!

Last week we celebrated Easter with a picnic where we sat outside in 20 degree weather, enjoying Beijing's best season before the impending heatwave of summer. It was the most perfect weather. Fast-forward a few days and I looked outside of my window to see snow. 

Don't get me wrong, I loved sitting at the window watching the snow fall. It's the first real snowfall of the year so a tiny part of me was hoping it would lie and I would get to play outside like the 5 year old child that I am. I went to bed to a white blanket covering the street below my house but by the time I woke up it had mostly gone. There was barely enough to make a snowball never mind a snowman. While a tiny part of my was sad for all of the snow fun I has missed out on, I was mostly glad because I just don't think I'll ever be prepared to put on my winter coat and boots in April, it's just not right! 

Here's hoping for some real Springtime weather soon. 

Is your weather as crazy as it is here in Beijing right now?


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