Wednesday, 25 April 2018

The Ultimate Beijing Bucket List (100 Things to do in Beijing)

Everybody knows about the big things to do here in Beijing, but there are so many other things to do too. While I’m in Beijing I want to make the most of it and really see this city. There’s not too much information out there about the many things to do in Beijing, so after researching A LOT I have created the ultimate Beijing bucket list.

1.    Forbidden City
2.    Qianmen Street
3.    Bell & Drum Towers
4.    Temple of Heaven
5.    Tiananmen Square
6.    Omescape
7.    KTV
8.    Beijing Aquarium
9.    Beijing Zoo
10.  Happy Valley Beijing
11.  Olympic Park
12.  The Water Cube
13.  The Bird’s Nest
14.  National Centre for Performing Arts
15.  The Palace Museum
16.  Lama Temple
17.  798 Art Zone
18.  Temple of Confucius
19.  World Park Beijing
20.  Madame Tussaudes
21.  Museum of Natural History
22.  View from the CCTV Tower
23.  Baiziwan Lu Graffiti Wall
24.  Central Perk
25.  798 Art Zone
26.  Pearl Market
27.  Silk Market
28.  Spend a day at The Bookworm
29.  Nan Luogu Xiang
30.  Sanlitun Bar Street
31.  Prince Gong’s Mansion
32.  Muslim Quarter
33.  Chang’an Street
34.  Wangfujing Street
35.  Chinese Minorities Park
36.  National Museum of China
37.  China Ethnic Culture Park
38.  Shichahai 

Events and Experiences
39.  Beijing Food Tour
40.  Lao She Tea House
41.  Camp on the Great Wall
42.  Hutong Tour by Tuk Tuk
43.  Golden Masked Dynasty Show
44.  Legend of Kung Fu Show 
45.  Tiandi Acrobatics Show
46.  Legend of Jinsha Show
47.  Beijing Peking Opera
48.  Attend a Guoan Football Match
50.  Longqing Gorge Ice & Snow Festival
52.  The Bird’s Nest Ice & Snow Festival
53.  Yuyuantan Cherry Blossom Festival
54.  National Flag Raising Ceremony
55.  Stay at Waldorf Astoria Beijing
56.  Stay at the Red Wall Garden Hotel
57.  Beijing Ghost Tour
58.  Toboggan Down the Great Wall
59.  Fly a plane over the Great Wall
60.  Watch a Beijing Ducks Basketball Game
61.  Watch a Beijing Tigers Baseball Game
62.  Beijing Cooking Class
63.  Beijing International Food Festival
64.  Stay at the New World Hotel
65.  Fruit Picking at Zhongtian Hanhai Garden

Parks and Outdoors
66.  The Great Wall at Badaling
68.  The Wild Wall at Simitai or Jinshanling
69.  Ditan Park
70.  Jingshan Park
71.  Beihai Park
72.  Chaoyang park
73.  Summer Palace
74.  Zhongshan Park
75.  Beijing Garden World of Flowers
76.  Beijing Botanical Garden
77.  Fragrant Hills
78.  Longqing Gorge
80.  Hou Hai Lake during at night
81.  Badachu Park
82.  Mangshan National Forest Park
83.  Shidu
84.  Pinggu Sightseeing Platform 
85.  Silver Mountain Pagoda Forest 
86.  Boating at Summer Palace
87.  Boating at Hou Hai Lake 
88.  Marco Polo Bridge
89.  Ride the Dragon Escalator
90.  Ming Tombs
91.  Hongluo Temple
92.  Beijing International Sculpture Park
93.  Old Summer Palace
94.  Frozen Waterfall

Day Trips
95.  Tianjin
96.  Chengde
97.  Cuandixia Village
98.  Yesanpo
99.  Miaofengshan

100.  Beidaihe 

What's on your Beijing bucket list? Let me know if I'm missed anything off that is worth doing too!

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