Friday, 27 April 2018

Beijing Moments #1

It’s really difficult to document the daily randomness of your host country when you’re living as an expat, and those are the things you want to remember the most. Those random little things that often drive you insane but also make you laugh and say #onlyin(insert host country) 

I’ve followed Mary Lane for a long time (and if you don’t, you should go and do it now) and she has recently begun a weekly post called New York Minutes, which doesn’t document those amazing experiences of a city, but the everyday things. The little things that make up your life and they’re one of my favourite posts to read on her blog. 

So in true blogger style I’m taking inspiration from Mary/completely copying her idea and creating my own weekly post called Beijing Moments. In these weekly posts, I will document the everyday of being a Beijing expat. 

Amidst an array of Springtime flowers, I stumbled across a Christmas flower. Only in China would you find a symbol of Christmas and a symbol of Spring cobbled together in one display. I love bright colours and I'm slightly obsessed with anything Christmas related though so I'm all for it! 

This abandoned bike sat outside of my apartment window in a giant puddle for the entire weekend. On Sunday afternoon, a girl sat on it and attempted to peddle off. I kid you not she spent 15 minutes figuring out how to make the bike move before finally pedalling off. Who knew a bike could be so complex?

I'm loving the light nights at the moment. From my apartment window I get a clear view on the sky and as I sat watching TV, I noticed that the clouds looked especially pretty. I spent the rest of the night looking at out of the window rather than at the TV. I'm a bit sad and have always had a bit of a thing for skies - pretty clouds, pretty sunsets, etc. It's so nice to come home to daylight now, Spring is definitely here!

When going to the bathroom I found this sign on the door of one of the toilets. You often find the most bizarre toilet signage in Beijing and this one was mild in comparison. While most places would just close a blocked toilet, Beijing chooses to give toileting instructions instead.

Sorry about the awful quality photo
Leaving work on Friday I walked past a family digging in the mud with their little ones and it made me smile. In China parents are all abut academics and often push their children from a really young age, with children aged 3 and 4 having tutors. Play isn't really valued so it was nice to see these kids digging, getting messy and playing outside in the sunshine!

What were your moments of this week? 

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  1. You are so sweet to give me so much credit! Thank you! I'm so happy you're sharing your own moments from the week, these are such fun captures. The pee sign is too ridiculous! I kind of like how the poinsettias have been allowed to have more of a life, it's a little sad how they're disposable -December Only!- plants here!


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