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Healthy Convenience with Doko Beijing

I don't know about you but one of the hardest times to eat healthy and stay motivated is after work when I'm tired. The last thing I want to do is cook when I get home and it's so easy to just order in and sit on my ass while I'm waiting for it to arrive. I recently discovered Doko Beijing, a company that delivers healthy meals daily and I'm absolutely loving it. Convenience is the way forward...

Spicy Tuna Roll and Spaghetti Bolognaise

The company was quite recently set up by two guys living in Beijing, one of who had gained a lot of weight since arriving in Beijing (because expat lifestyle and making the most of it and all that) and decided it was time to do something about it, and so Doko Beijing was born. They serve a range of healthy meals for different purposes and you can select the package you want, choosing from slim, lean or bulk. 

Chicken Curry Bento Box

The meals are a really reasonable price and it would probably cost more, or at least the same, to prepare your own meals, plus much more inconvenient of course! We selected the weekly package which is slightly cheaper than buying individual meals. The weekly menu changes each week so you get varied meals, however, if there is a meal you don't like, you can swap it out with another option. Almost all of the meals have vegetarian options and you can choose to add extra to the basic meal for a really low cost. 
Mexican Salsa Verde
So, what did I think of the meals in my first week? All of the meals were good portions and very filling. I loves the variation in the weekly meals and they were just so convenient! 

Spaghetti Bolognaise - I absolutely loved this! The portion size was very generous, the meal tasted great. I'm a huge carb fan so this was a total winner for me. I think I'm going to make this a Friday meal next week as I always feel like I deserve a treat on a Friday (because Friday!) 

Chicken Curry Bento Box - This sat on my desk at work for a couple of hours before I ate it and it smelt divine, I couldn't wait to get home and eat it. It didn't disappoint - it tasted amazing and was super filling! My only issue was that I'm a pretty fussy meat eater - if it has fat, skin or is even slightly discoloured I'm instantly put off. The chicken in this meal still has skin on so I was completely put of it. Paul was happy though as he got to eat mine. 

Mexican Salsa Verde - This was one of the meals that I was most excited about and it didn't disappoint. It had a few things in that I really dislike, such as raw onion and coriander so I would ask for them not to be included next time but apart from that I absolutely loved it. I had black rice added as an extra. It was the first time I'd tried black rice before and it was amazing, I really enjoyed it! The sauce that comes with it is super spicy so if that's not your thing you may want to have something handy to use instead. 

Chicken Ceaser Salad - This was my least favourite meal of them all but it was very filling. The chicken was shredded so there was much less skin, making it edible for me. I loved the apple in the salad and I ordered a black rice as an extra again. The sauce that went with this salad was incredible! 

Pizza - I'm not sure what I was expecting with this pizza. I think I assumed it would be some sort of super healthy cauliflower base pizza or something. It wasn't! I'm really not too sure how healthy this pizza was, but I devoured it anyway. I ordered a 12 inch pizza and would definitely get the smaller 9 inch one next time; it was huge! The pizza wasn't my favourite, but it definitely carbs a Pizza Hut craving when you have one. I felt a bit full and gross after the pizza so I would only order this once every month maybe. But it makes me very happy that they will deliver a pizza to me when I'm craving one!
Chicken Ceaser Salad

Best of all, I have lost 5 pound last week by eating a healthy breakfast and lunch and eating my Doko Beijing meals on an evening. If I can eat these meals and lose 5 pound each week then I'll be a very very happy girl! 

I am now half way through my second week of meals from Doko Beijing and I'm still loving them just as much. I do wish they had a bigger variation as I will soon run out of meals and end up getting bored. It is a new company though so they may add more meals as they grow.

Check back for another post on my second week of meals soon. And you should definitely check out Doko Beijing, they just make your life so much easier!


  1. What a great concept! Whatta healthy option for those visiting Beijing. These are meals that I would eat at home so it actually would feel familiar. ;) Thanks for the share!

    1. Yeah, the guys that created this were really onto something! Its so nice not having to make the meals yourself too!

  2. I've been meaning to try Doko and this has me even more convinced!

  3. Hi Amanda, it's so good! Super easy and really good food. I love the convenience! Just discovered your blog, it's nice to find a fellow Beijing expat blogging :-)

    1. I thought the same thing when I found your blog! :)


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