Friday, 20 April 2018

Friday Favourites

This week has been a hard one, although if I'm being honest, in this leadership thing, every week is a hard one. I'm working on some personal goals at the moment so I'm all about convenience and making my life as easy as possible. My favourites are mostly things that have made my life easy this week.

❤  Favourite Breakfast: Overnight Oats
I'm loving overnight oats at the moments. It almost feels like you're eating a desert when you eat them. They're so easy to prepare and it's so easy to grab the jar as I leave the house and eat them during the morning when I have a spare moment. I find the longer they are left, the better they are. 

❤  Favourite App: Preview Instagram App
I'm loving Preview because it makes staying on top of Instagram so much easier. You can easily plan out your feed and move photos around to get the look and feel you want for your Instagram. You can also save group hash tags and schedule posts to make it much easier to post through the week when you're busy and don't have time. I also use Preview to edit my photos. They have a get set of filters and lots of editing features. I'm definitely no editing expert, but I've found a filter set and ending system that works for me and I'm loving how it makes my photos look.

❤  Favourite Shoes: Fuchsia Marisola Wedges
I'm in love with these! The colour and design are both totally gorgeous. I always find wedges hard to walk in (which I know is the complete opposite for most people) but I always feel unbalanced in them. I think I need to work on that though because I really do love wedges, especially these ones. They're pretty cheap too at only $40.

❤  Favourite Craft: Watermelon Coasters
How cute are these watermelon coasters? I stumbled across them on Pinterest and completely fell in love with them. I really wanted to try to get into crafting more and these look like an easy thing to start with.

❤  Favourite Blog: Sprinkles for Breakfast
I mostly adore this blog for the cutest recipes that I will never be able to pull off, but will keep on trying anyway. Lindsay, the baker behind the blog, creates the most beautiful, colourful and yummy recipes for every occasion. Not only is her blog pristine, but I just want to try every single thing she makes, they all look incredible!

Thanks for reading, have a great weekend! 

Nikki xo

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  1. Ok, I thought the watermelon coasters were cookies...much be craving a snack over here lol. Wedges are my favorite too and the fuchsia is such a fun color!


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