Monday, 30 April 2018

How I Plan to Lose Weight

Last week I wrote about trying to do so much that I was actually doing nothing and I decided to cut back on all of the things that didn't matter and focus on the two that did. One of those things was losing weight, so between now and the summer I will be completely focussed on my goal. If there's one thing I've learnt about myself, it's that I need a plan though, so today I'm outlining my plan, partly to get it straight in my head but to also make me accountable.

I have a lot of weight to lose and a long journey to go on and what I put in place is not going to be a quick fix, it is a lifestyle change that is going to require hard work, will-power and time. So, how am I going to do it? 

It essentially comes down to three key things

❤  Healthy Eating - This is one of the most important but hardest things for me. There are temptations everywhere, from the cakes set up in my classroom each day for kids snack, to the 5 stations in the canteen, to the ease of ordering a take-away and paying with WeChat. This is the first thing I need to master and I know where my weaknesses are, so I need to work on combatting them. 

There are certain times that I always fail:
❤  Thursdays I'm tired and Thursdays feel long. I consistently screw up on a Thursday. 
❤  Weekends because I'm not prepared for them, and therefore make bad choices.
❤  Chip day at school, because well it's chips, but they are also the best chips.
 When I'm sat at home bored for a whole day.

Ironically, I never enjoy the takeaways I can and I always feel so crappy afterwards. Will power is a real struggle for me and something I really need to work on if I want to kick this weight once and for all.

 Being Active - I'm not a girl who enjoys exercise, never have been! I was the girl that tried to pull the time of the month stunt every week to get out of PE, because obviously we're incapable of running, catching a ball or basically anything at THAT time of the month. At least, that's what the 15 year old in me thought. So yeah, absolutely not a fan of working out but I can feel how unfit I have become, even just walking and it's time to do something about it. Don't get me wrong, I won't be running marathons anytime soon, but I do want to change my mindset, be more active and not always take the most convenient 9and laziest) option.

❤  Accountability - I need to be answerable to somebody, and that person is going to be you, dear Blog! Back in 2012 I dieted and lost over 4 stone, but at that time I attended a weekly weigh-in meeting where I had to be answerable for what I'd achieved (or not achieved) and that motivated me so much. Only I have the power to change my life and I am the only person to blame for not, despite trying to blame anything else I can.

So, down to the nitty gritty. What am I actually going to do?

Healthy Eating

❤  Keep my breakfasts simple and easy - egg, oats or smoothies (because nobody wants to cook at 6am)
❤  Take my lunch to school. Going to the counters, even if only to get a salad is tempting. I have to look at all of the options available and it's too easy to just grab what's there
❤  Use Doko. I realised last week that with the best will in the world, I can't be bothered to come home and cook every night and Doko will provide a healthy meal with no effort from me. I may not use them every week but for now, they get me through.
❤  Thursday Carbday. Thursdays are the day I find toughest and if I can smash Thursday then I will probably smash the week so I'm going to have my healthy but carb-heavy meal on a Thursday to keep me on track.
❤  Meal plan.  I need a plan for my weekends. Without Doko I have to fend for myself (I'm really not sure how I ever used to do that) so I need to plan out what I will eat and make sure I stick to it.
❤  Saturday Cheatday. I'm not really planning to cheat, but Saturday is the day that I plan to have a nicer meal. Perhaps a tortilla-based pizza or a healthier version of whatever I'm craving that week. 

Being Active

❤  Walk. I bought myself a Fitbit and am aiming to do 10, 000 steps every day for the month of May. Easy for some people but I was surprised by how few steps I do in a day. 
❤  Cycle. The one machine I do enjoy at the gym is the exercise bike and I usually find I burn of quite a lot of calories on it. I can zone out on there and before I know it my time it up. I'm aiming to cycle every morning for 1 hour. 


❤  Weekly weigh-in and food diary posts to make me accountable for my week
❤  Before and after photos each month
❤  Monthly challenges which I blog about
❤  Blogging about my journey, challenges and those days where you just want to eat all of the cake, as well as the good.
❤  Set small goals to celebrate

So, that's it! That's my plan between now and summer (as well as during summer although not as rigid) - wish me luck! 

Do you have any weight loss tips to share?

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  1. LOVE the determination in this post! You can do it, and I'm looking forward to following your journey. xxx


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