Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Super Speed Soup

Soup is one of my favourite foods to eat, especially to kickstart a diet that I have been failing at for a month or so. I know, I'm hanging my head in shame too. But with the final school term fully in swing and the need to to get rid of this god damn weight ready for summer, I am back on it with a vengeance. I have been looking for some different recipes to try and stumbled upon Slimming World's Super Speed Soup which I remember my mum raving about so decided to give it a go.

Makes 4 portions 

You Will Need

❤  1/2 tin baked beans
❤  1/2 tin mixed beans (or any other type of bean)
❤  1/2 tin lentils
❤  1 tins chopped tomatoes
❤  1/2 onion
❤  1 leeks
❤  2 carrots
❤  1/2 green pepper
❤  1/2 red pepper
❤  1 1/2 stock cubes (I used chicken)
❤  Salt & pepper to season

What To Do

❤  chop up all ingredients and drain beans
❤  Make up stock cubes with 1000ml water
❤  Add all ingredients to a large pan and bring to the boil
❤  Simmer mixture until vegetables are soft (approx 45 mins)

 If you prefer a smooth soup you can blend it once cooled. 
  Soup is freezer friendly so you can make it in bulk. 
  If you prefer hot and spicy, add in some red chilis  

While the soup wasn't my most favourite kind, it has all of the foods in to boost metabolism and help with weight loss. Let's hope I 
see a good result on the scales when I get weighed next week! I've never been the biggest tomato soup fan, but it was very tasty and the 
means made it super chunky so it felt like I was eating a full meal as there was something to chew on. It kept me full too!

Have you tried this soup - what did you think?
What soups should I try next?



  1. That looks fab, Nikki! I really like chunky soups, which is a good thing as I realised halfway through making soup that I'd given away my hand blender before moving here! :|

    Two of my favourite recipes are: https://cookieandkate.com/2015/vegan-lentil-soup-recipe/ and https://thefeedfeed.com/plantbasedartist/kale-and-white-bean-soup. I also make a nice mushroom soup, and a leek and potato one, but they're both cream-based, which probably isn't great for a diet. xxx

    1. Thanks for the recipes B! This soup was really good, it kind of feels like you're eating a meal because there's something to chew on! I made a sweet potato and lentil soup a few weeks ago that was bloody amazing! I'm really trying to get into this whole cooking thing! xx

  2. This soup looks amazing! The great thing is that it looks to be vegan :) I have this one recipe I posted on my blog about the perfect banana bread with just 10 ingredients. Diets are no fun so you have to find new kinds of sweets to eat.


    1. Diets really are no fun. It always starts off great but then gets harder as I get more bored with the foods so I'm trying hard to get into cooking and experimenting. I had a look at your banana bread - it looks amazing! xx

  3. This looks DELICIOUS! Gives me something to be happy about it still being cold and almost May..


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