Monday, 9 April 2018

Down the Rabbit Hole

Life in Beijing is filled with random moments. From people doing the strangest things to random exhibitions and displays popping up overnight. This week I stopped by my local shopping centre and felt like I’d fallen down a rabbit hole, Alice and Wonderland style. 

Everywhere I looked there were the most bizarre statues, casually planted all around the shopping centre. I mean, who wouldn’t expect to see a statue of a dog peeing up a wall at their local shopping centre? #onlyinBeijing

Superman flying into the ground and his head exploding - who doesn't want to see that?
A dog cocking their leg to pee on the lamp post - another sight you would expect to see in your local shopping centre
Coolest trash cans ever? Quite possibly!
Most definitely the best phone box ever!
While so many of these Beijing moments make me double-take at the randomness of them, I love them in equal amounts, because wouldn’t life be boring without a little bit of the unexpected? 

I wonder what will pop up next, make sure you check back to find out and follow along on Instagram.

Which statue do you like the best? And which do you find the most bizarre?



  1. Great photos, but how random. And creepy! Especially that first picture! Still, it's pretty cool to see things that you probably wouldn't see anywhere else. xxx

    1. Thanks B! Totally creepy - those rabbits look like they're out to murder somebody!! xx

  2. Ahhh I love all of these and so fun that there were so many in one shopping center! I wish all shopping centers felt like Wonderland :)


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