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10 TV Shows You Need to Rewatch Right Now

Lately I've found myself out of TV shows to watch, which really shows how much I have sat on my ass and watched TV during the winter months. Living in Beijing means that I don't get to watch TV shows as they air, which is one of the worst things about expat life, I won't lie. I mean, do you understand how much it drives me crazy seeing Twitter go wild about my favourite TV shows and I have no idea what is happening? 

 Sex and the City
 The OC
 Dawson's Creek
 Brothers & Sisters
 Ghost Whisperer
So in case I go MIA for the next few months, you can probably find me sat on my ass in front of the TV watching one (or all) of these shows. 

We have to download the TV shows we want to watch, or head to Tom's Shop, our local counterfeit DVD shop. I've recently been re-watching some of my favourite TV shows and I forgot how great they were. I've never really re-watched anything (apart from Friends - standard) as I'm not a fan of re-watching things, even movies, but I was surprised how much I had forgotten; it was like watching them for the first time all over again. In case you're like me and running out of things to watch, I thought I'd share 10 series worth re-watching.

 Desperate Housewives
I re-watched this not long ago and loved it so much that I needed to share my love with the world. It's the ultimate drama-filled TV show, with a new heart-stopping moment every 5 minutes. I literally watched this back to back every single day until I finished the series, and even when it finished I was left wanting more. I genuinely felt like I'd lost 4 best friends when the show finished. There was so much drama I had completely forgotten about until a new character appear and I was like OMG, I remember! So so good guys, I can't recommend re-watching it enough. I've even kept it incase I fancy a third round of drama. 

Well this one is just an obvious choice really isn't it? I've watched this over and over again and still never fail to laugh at every Chandler and Joey moment or cry when she got off the plane (we all know who I'm talking about) Friends just generally makes me happy. It's in the best city in the world, it's the friendship we all wish we had, it's easy to watch and it's bloody hilarious. Is there a better combination?

Oh wait, there could be a better combination. How about all of the above plus beautiful clothes and sex? Another of my absolute faves that I will never get sick of watching. I love it for the story, I love it for the clothes, I love it for the girls, but most of all I love it for the city. This show really does portray the ultimate New York City dream doesn't it? Watching anything NYC-related always makes me feel inspired, but add 4 girls making it in the city of dreams and I'm all over it!

Ok, so I won't lie, part of the reason I want to re-watch this is because Matt Lanter is hot AF! This TV show portrays the dream life of my second favourite city - LA! So if I'm not spending my days pretending I'm living my best Carrie Bradshaw life in NYC, I might as well be dreaming about being a Californian girl. It's filled with drama and dating and transports you right back to your teenage years (but with way more money) - the perfect way to zone out of adulting.

 Gossip Girl
This is another show that I've just finished watching and I loved it every bit as much the second time around. With drama in every show, I even had Paul hooked (although I'm sure he would deny it) I also have a total girl crush on Blake Lively and the general Upper East Side lifestyle. I mean which girl in their right mind wouldn't want to live in NYC and drink champagne for breakfast? 

It was a toss up of whether to choose The OC or One Tree Hill but I went with The OC because it's the ultimate foursome that made up my teenage years of TV. Mischa Barton and Rachel Bilson feel like 2 old best friends that I've not seen since school because I watched them so much growing up. It's the perfect mix of love, drama and hot men.

Another blast from the past with the geeky Dawson. I was always much for of a Pacey fan; I always preferred bad boys. Every girl wanted to be Joey and date Pacey, apart from those with no taste who preferred Dawson of course. I can't believe this show ended 15 years ago, that makes me feel so old! I literally grew up with these characters.

This was never a hugely popular series but I loved it. Another show filled with drama; can you tell I like a little drama in my life? The women were your everyday girls but seemed to have a much more complicated life than most of the ladies out there. But complications lead to excellent TV viewing and I definitely loved this the first time round. I remember watching it with my mum and being desperate for the next episode to see what would happen. 

Aw this was one of my faves. They are described as a dysfunctional family, but I loved how normal the family was portrayed in the series. The everyday (and not so everyday) dilemmas that they faced and how they overcome them as a family always made the characters so likeable. The show covers so many topics and I loved following their story. One day I want a huge family like this, although hopefully a slightly more functional one. 

Last but not least, the Ghost Whisperer. Is this not the best idea for a TV show ever? I really liked how each episode has a different story so it doesn't get boring and it literally toys with every single emotion I have. I mean some of the episodes were just heart-breaking. Also, JLH is a BABE! Such an incredible show and she plays the part so well. I'm not sure I've actually watched every episode once yet so there may be some surprises in there for me too. 

Which show is your favourite? 
Do you have any recommendations that I've missed off the list? Let me know in the comments.


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