Friday, 4 May 2018

Beijing Moments #2

It’s really difficult to document the daily randomness of your host country when you’re living as an expat, and those are the things you want to remember the most. Those random little things that often drive you insane but also make you laugh and say #onlyin(insert host country) Each week I feature the everyday moments of life as an expat in Beijing, which was an idea originally found on New York Cliche.

Springtime flowers have arrived. I'm not the biggest flower fan, which Paul loveto remind me every time I complain at him for never buying me flowers. He's right, but it's nice to see flowers outside. It just makes everything look so much more colourful, pretty and summery. 

The weather in Beijing is the most perfect right now. It's warm with just the right amount of breeze to make it perfect. Very soon Beijing will be so hot that you can't really walk anywhere so this week we walked to school a couple of days. The walk is nothing special, it's simply a pathway along the side of a road, although there is a park on one side, but it was so nice to be outside in the fresh (or as fresh as Beijing ever gets) air and enjoying the beautiful weather. 

Our local shopping centre has lots of entertainment for kids and in the summer they have a splash pad. This week the splash pad was turned on and there really is nothing better than the sound of kids splashing and laughing in the water. As a kid I was the biggest fan of water fights, and let's be honest, I still am, so I can imagine the fun they are having. It made me smile!

Even when on a diet a girl needs some treats in her life. My treats would usually be in the form of ice-cream, cake, chocolate or cocktails. Instead I've been getting a green juice from Element Fresh. I love Element Fresh as the food is so good but it's pretty pricey. The juice was 50RMB (approx. £6) and I usually wouldn't pay that much for it when I can make my own, but they make it so much better than me. Each day I've treated myself to a green juice as an afternoon snack and it's made so much difference to day. They give me something to look forward to and I've been using them as a reward too so it's helping to keep me on track.

This week we took our kids on their first school trip. We visited Green Cow Farm which is really close to school. The kids had the best time and got to take part in so many activities. It was so great to see the kids having an amazing time with their friends.  We saw these piglets which were super cute, the kids were obsessed with them!

What were your memorable moments of this week? Let me know in the comments.

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