Thursday, 3 May 2018

Challenge | 30 Minutes Cycling

This month is the month that I'm really getting on this diet thing and changing my life. No fad dieting, no loss of will power, just change. I'm setting myself challenges to help me create healthy habits and routines that I've been missing for too long.

This month I am already planning one challenge but hell, in the name of motivation, why not have 2?

So my second challenge is:

To cycle for 30 minutes every day in the month of May.

Eventually I want to build the gym into my daily routine but I know I'm not ready for that yet, mentally, motivationally or physically. The exercise bike is my favourite machine at the gym so in the name of starting small (and starting at all) I got myself one from Taobao (which was SO cheap) 

Now I just need to make sure I use it every day to cycle and not simple as a clothes horse. Wish me luck! 

What's your favourite thing to do at the gym? What home workouts do you use?

Make sure you check back at the end of the month to see how I got on.

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