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My Ultimate Asia Travel Bucket List

Based in Beijing, I’m incredibly lucky to be close to so many fantastic countries and there are so many I want to visit before I leave Beijing. I feel like I need to tick off as many as I can as once I leave this part of the world, I’m not sure how soon I would venture back. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s an amazing part of the world with so much to offer, but there are places higher up on my list and changing priorities and hoping to settle down soon, I don’t think Asia would be top of our list (unless we relocate within Asia – you never know with my ever-changing mind!) With so many places I’m desperate to visit, here are my top picks.  

❤ China– As a Beijing expat, clearly I’m already in China, but it’s an absolutely huge country with so much to see. The problem with China is that I find it to be hard to travel here, I get frustrated quite easily, flights are expensive, airports can be hell and trains are even worse. For that reason, I will be happy to see the highlights of China only.
❤ Indonesia– Indonesia was never a place on my list until I visited Bali and completely fell in love! Now I can’t wait to explore more! I am a huge city girl and a forever USA lover, but Bali definitely gave the USA a good run for her money. It’s basically paradise, filled with greens and blues, the friendliest people, the yummiest food, the most chilled vibe and so cheap! Could you ever want more? Borneo is for sure on the list too. 

❤ Japan– Cherry blossoms – do I need to say more? I actually want to go to Japan for many reasons, it’s a country with so much uniqueness and culture; so many random sights and experiences that you could never get anywhere else in the world. We’re definitely going to be taking a trip to Japan next year and I can’t bloody wait!

❤ Laos– I don’t know much about Laos and there’s not too much I want to see there, it mostly made my list because I really want to do this– what an incredible experience to fly over such amazing scenery at sunrise!

❤ Malaysia– Malaysia was another country that I didn’t know much about and never had a huge passion to visit. Their marketing skills are on top form though! I remember seeing this videofor the first time and instantly wanting to visit. I love the colours, the culture and having researched it a little more, realise there is so much to see and do. Please I really want to stay here– how cool?!

❤ Maldives– This is a pretty obvious one, it’s essentially paradise! I recently signed up to Scott’s Cheap Flightsand they had a deal for return flights from Beijing for $200. Such a good deal! We weren’t able to book that trip but will definitely be looking out for the next one. I really want to stay in one of thesetoo – anyone for a space few grand so I can book the hotel of dreams?

❤ Philippines– A little while back we were considering a trip to the Philippines but switched to the USA last minute. I had the best itinerary planned out which included some incredible sights and experiences. There is so much to see and the views are stunning everywhere you look. I love the variety of the landscape too! 

❤ Qatar– This one is for sentimental value! I worked as an expat in Qatar in 2011 and during the time I was there it changed so much. I’d love to go back and see what it looks like today, and whether it’s even recognisable at all. Plus Bri is there so that’s another good reason to want to visit.

❤ Russia– I don’t know a whole lot about Russia and I would need to do a lot more research before visiting, but one place I want to see for sure is the Kremin. I mean, it’s basically Aladdin’s cave. 

❤ Singapore– I’ve been to Singapore before but didn’t get to see too much of it as I was visiting for an interview and to catch up with friends. I want to go back and see everything that Singapore has to offer. To be honest, everybody told me I would fall in love as soon as I stepped foot off the plane but that just didn’t happen for me. I need to see what I missed!

❤ Sri Lanka– Sri Lanka is always somewhere I’ve been a little intrigued with. It kind of has it all – lots to do, beautiful scenery and relaxing beaches. In particular, Sri Lanka has great wildlife opportunities.

❤ Taiwan– This is another place that was never really on my radar until I was looking for cheap flights and Taiwan popped up. On researching a little more, I found that there was a lot to do and some of the most gorgeous scenery that I’d love to see, like Alishan Forest and Sun Moon Lake.

❤ Thailand– Of course Thailand is on my list! So much to see and do and so incredibly cheap. I’ve been before, but there are still parts I didn’t see and want to. To be honest, I’d go back just for the sunsets. I’d love to go back and experience Songkran in Chiang Mai again too, what an incredible experience!

❤ United Arab Emirates (Dubai) – Oh Dubai! I just love Dubai, it’s right up there with my favourite places. It has everything, dressed up in all of the luxury and over-pricedness, but I still love it anyway. I’ve actually seriously considered Dubai becoming my next expat location (but watch this space, my ever-changing mind never settles for long)

❤ Vietnam– Vietnam is mostly on this list for Paul, the history buff of the fam. He wants to do all of the war-related things, especially the Cu Chi Tunnels (I can’t think of anything worse) but I’m more than happy to tag along and check out the other sights and cultural experiences Vietnam has to offer. Ha Long Bay is on the list too, of course!

I will link back to these as I visit them so check back to see my adventures. You can also follow along on Instagram. I found this idea from Chloe - you should check out her list here.

Let me know if I’ve missed any must visit places from my list! Which countries would make your Asia travel bucket list? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Yay! A list!!! :D Quite a few of those places are on my list too (Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka...). And of course I definitely think you should come to Qatar. ;)


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