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22 Incredible Expat Bloggers You Need to Check Out

As an expat, I love reading other expat blogs and seeing their adventures and experiences. Plus, let’s be honest, us expats are usually always have an eye open to spot the next opportunity. Over the past few years I’ve discovered lots of incredible expat bloggers so I’ve compiled a list of my favourites so you can check them out too (you should!) 

 Life with Baby Kicks– Laura blogs about expat and mummy life in Qatar. I love her honesty as she blogs about life in the most down-to-earth way.

Lady & Her Sweet Escapes– Anne is a Filipino blogging about expat life in Dubai. You’ll find lots of food on her blog, as well as lots of lists, travel and informative posts about living as an expat in Dubai.

Sara and Catherine’s Tales– Sara is an Italian who blogs about expat life in London. Her blog is stunning, and curated by her own admission, but I love to read about her adventures in one of my favourite cities. While her content is curated, she is also candidly honest in her content too. 

Linda Goes East– Linda started out in China before moving to South Korea. She completely throws herself into the culture of her host country. You’ll find lots of lists and travel advice as well as posts about her host country from somebody with true knowledge. 

Living a Dream in China– Sara lives in Guanzhou and has been living as a China expat since 2010 so if you’re looking for tips from somebody who really ‘gets’ China then this is the place to look.

Tieland to Thailand– Super organised and informative blog about life in Thailand. Chris and Angela have done a great job of documenting everything travellers and expats need to know about Thailand. 

Drive on the Left– A blog by two Americans living in China. Their posts are varied and unique, but honest and humorous.

Helene In-Between– Helene moved to Germany from Texas and blogs about life abroad and travels. She’s also nailing Instagram and shares tips about blogging and making a living from it.

❤ Expitterpattica– Lucille has lived in many different countries and hits the nail on the head with every blog post. I find myself nodding along as she publishes the very thoughts that are in my head. 

❤ Paper Crane Stories– Joella is now living in California, following a stint in Beijing. You can find a mix of both countries on her blog, as well as updates about general life. 

❤ Heart My Backpack– Silvia has an incredible travel blog but it doubles up as an expat blog as she writes about expat life in Norway. Her photography is incredible and all of her blog posts are dreamy but full of great information.

❤ Endless Distances– You can find a bit of everything on Sarah’s blog but a whole lot of posts about expat life in the UK. I love her photos, her generally chatty posts and her many lists.

❤ Local Adventurer– So this one is slightly different as Esther and Jacob blog about their life in cities within the USA. They move to a different city each year, see all there is to see there (and I mean all) and write incredible posts about their experience before moving on to do it all again.

❤ City and See– Katherine lives in Japan but blogs about a whole lot of things travel related, including lots of tips and tricks for visitors to her host country.

❤ Sweet Life in the Sandpit– Mizra married an Arab man and is happily living in Abu Dhabi and blogging about it. I love the style of her blog and I especially love her monthly favourites where she features some great places to check out.

Migrating Miss– I love Sonja’s blog! She uses a country as a home-base to travel and blogs about both. She also features fellow expats on her blog to share their stories.

California Globetrotter– Lorelei is from California but living in Germany. She is the definition of the every girl and blogs about expat life in Germany as well as travel. You will find all sorts of prettiness of her blog.

❤ Girl Tweets World– Jayne is a Brit living in Melbourne and blogging about it, plus her many other travels. Her blog is a mix of fun and informative posts and her down-to-earth personality shines through in them.

❤ Attention to Darling– Erin is a very new expat, having recently moved to London. Her blog, her Instagram and her family are gorgeous. She oozes prettiness in everything she does!

❤ Adventures of a Jersey Girl– Jersey Girl shares a refreshingly honest view of expat life, blogging from Kuwait.

❤ Hannah International– Hannah is from the UK and blogging about expat life in South Korea, as well as her many travels.

❤ The Say Hello Edit– Catherine blogs about the best of both Sydney and London, the two cities she lives between. She also includes lots of other features in-between and I love the randomness of her blog.

I'm sure you have found some awesome ladies with a follow in this list, but if you are an expat blogger or know of any awesome blogs that I've missed from this list, let me know!

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  1. WOW!!! What an amazing list to be featured on, among so many amazing bloggers! I'm so honored! Thank you so much!! :)


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