Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Back in Beijing

I arrived back in Beijing on Friday, and as I sit writing this at 3am on Monday morning, the jet lag has well and truly taken affect.

The thing with expat life is that whn you know you're done with a place, you just know. This is the first time I've flown back to Beijing and really not wanted to. There is such a thing as outdoing your stay in a place that isn't home and I think I'm reaching that point with Beijing.

I regularly go between the feelings of being ready to move back to the UK and wanting to stay abroad. One thing I did realise this holiday (or at least I think I did) is that I am ready to return home. The longer I am away, the harder it feels and I live with a constant guilt of not making the most of my time with the people and things that matter most.

Aside from the negativity that underlines this post, I am feeling quite positive and motivated about being back in Beijing though. For the first time I have a sembelance of a plan for the future and me and Paul are in a much better place to be able to action our plans and work towards out goals. While I'm ready to go home, there is still so much we have done in Beijing, China and beyond and I want to leave feeling satisfied with my time spent here.

So, with a 2 year contract still to complete, I have a few key things that I plan to achieve with the next 2 years in Beijing:
  1. Save - want to save as much money as possible so when we go back to the UK we are able to set ourselves up nicely. This is going to be the best opportunity we will ever have to put some money behind us. 
  2. Lose weight - I want to work on this steadily until I reach my goal. No fast-track dieting, no beating myself up for the odd treat, just healthy weight loss. 
  3. Explore - I don't want to see ALL of Asia, but there are some key places I really do want to explore and I want to use my time in Beijing to do all of those things. Realistically, when I leave China I doubt I will ever return, and I'm much more likely to want to holiday in Europe or the USA, so this may be my only chance to see those places.
So, with 3 key goals and 2 years to achieve them, I'm ready to make Beijing life work for us! People are expats for so many different reasons - travel, experience, family, money, etc. Sometimes those priorities and motivation change! We began expat life for the travel and experience, however, our next 2 years of expat life will be to set up our future! 

What are your reasons for choosing expat life? Or if you're a homebird, what are your reasons for preferring to remain at home?


  1. Totally agree on the whole "when you're done, you're done" thing. That's exactly how I felt about Spain. But it's good to have focus and goals for the future, and everything you've put looks very do-able. Look forward to following along. xxx

    1. It's true! My goals are the only thing keeping me sane as at the moment I really don't want to be here. It always gets easier once I get back into routine, but definitely need to nail these goals!!


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