Saturday, 18 August 2018

Beijing Moments #1

A couple of months ago I adopted Mary's New York Minutes series and created 'Beijing Moments.' But I want my blog to reflect more of our every day life which I think will be great to look back on in years to come, so rather than making it city based, I am going to make it life-based. So, here is my first reformed Beijing Moments post.
Food Prep - Last year I had an awful diet in Beijing, living on fast food, takeaways and cake! I made a pact to live better and look after myself more and so I prepped a whole load of healthy meals to keep me on track when I'm back at work. Now my entire house smells of onion though, it's not ideal!
Cirque du Soleil - Toruk, The First Flight - Cirque du Soleil performed in Beijing and we went to see the show on Sunday. It was a great show and it was so good to get out of our little town of Shunyi and do something in the city. Check out my full post about the show.

Back to School - We went back to school this week! I don't understand how it became the end of summer so quick and I was definitely not ready to go back. Luckily there were no kids in this week so we just had lots of meetings, time to organise classrooms and preparation time. On a side note, look at my classroom transformation! I will be posting a little classroom tour on my 'teacher blog' next week if you're interested in checking it out.
Candyfloss Skies - The weather in Beijing has been so random, with lots of storms and rain but it has let to the most beautifully coloured candyfloss sunsets.

This week has been a quiet but full on week as I have settled back into Beijing, began work and got prepared for the children starting school next week.

What have been the key highlights of your week?

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