Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Afternoon Tea at The Chesterfield, London

If you're a fan of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, or chocolate in general, I'm sure you'll jump at the chance to indulge in the chocolate heaven that is The Chesterfield's afternoon tea.

First, let's talk about the decor. On walking up to The Chesterfield I was a little underwhelmed but that quickly changed when I got closer and saw the beautiful decoration, both inside and out. The Chesterfield is incredibly Instagrammable and so grand! We arrived a little early so popped into the bar for a quick drink before our afternoon tea. I'd highly recommend getting there a little early for the bar snacks alone. We got Twiglets, olives and nuts - do bar snacks get any better than that? 

The afternoon tea is served in the conservatory, which has the most beautiful floral decoration on the ceiling. The sun was shining bright so it did get a little hot at times and you will definitely need your sunglasses to be able to see all of the lovely treats on your plate. 
To start,  they served us a cream soda drink with popping candy inside. I'm not going to lie, it was probably the best thing I have ever tasted! I forgot how good cream soda tastes! We both ordered the chocolate tea, because when in chocolate land, what else would you choose? I didn't love the tea - it wasn't too chocolatey, it was spiced with a chocolate after-taste. It was ok, but next time I would definitely opt for something else, and there were plenty off other choices on the menu. 
Now for the best bit - the food! 
I've got to be honest, the sandwiches weren't great.  One of the best things about afternoon tea for me is the different flavoured breads, and although the breads were all different flavours, I couldn't taste them at all. There was so much filling though which made up for this a little. The sandwiches we got were

honey roast ham & cheddar cheese & tomato chutney on onion bread
roast chicken with grain mustard mayonnaise and nibbed almonds on white bread
Scottish smoked salmon with horseradish cream cheese on beetroot bread
free-range egg mayonnaise & watercress on basil bread
Cucumber and cream cheese on white bread

We got  2 scones which were served with strawberry jam and clotted cream with a fruit scone and a chocolate chip scone. I'm never usually the biggest fan of scones (I'm a terrible British person, I know) but the chocolate chip scone was the best thing I had ever tasted!  It really was incredible - squidgy, moist, chocolate - just divine! 
The desserts are always my favourite part and they were yummy. In true Wonka style, the desserts all had an exciting twist that made me feel like a child all over again. My favourites were the white chocolate egg and the milk chocolate bar - hands down! The desserts were really varied and included  
blueberry macaroon
bubblegum eclair
fizzy lifting cake
fruity tart
orange cupcake
white chocolate golden egg
milk chocolate bar

Note:This afternoon tea was particularly popular for children so if you're not a child-friendly person, you may prefer to miss out on The Chesterfield. If you do have kids then The Chesterfield will be absolutely perfect for you - they really make it special! 

The tea costs £38.50 per person or 45.50 with a glass of champagne. They also  do a children's afternoon tea for £19.50. 

If you'd like to experience chocolate heaven, you can find out more information on their website and

Have you sampled afternoon tea at The Chesterfield? What did you think?
Which afternoon tea should I try next?


  1. Beautiful photos! Looks like you had a really nice time. :)

    1. Thanks B, we did! The scone and the chocolate egg *drool*


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