Friday, 21 September 2018

Beijing Moments #2

I regularly  feature some key events or sightings that summarise my week, inspired my New York Cliche. Living in Beijing, sometimes it can be the normal everyday things and sometimes it can be the wacky WTF China moments.

Classroom Craziness - This was the first week that the children started school. It has been very full on and I'm completely exhausted as I write this, but I've loved it too! I've really lucked out with my class this year - they're great!
Healthy Deliciousness - When I came back to China I brought a whole load of healthy-ish treats with me. I eat super healthy Sunday - Friday and on a Saturday I still eat healthy but also let myself have carb-based meals. On Saturday I had this healthy burger with southern-fried potato wedges. It was basically the best thing I've ever eaten.
TV Adverts - Our TV plays adverts every time we turn it on and off, which is actually quite annoying, but sometimes the adverts are so random or funny that it makes it ok. Like the one above!
Reaching Targets - Losing weight is the hardest damn thing to do! Sometimes it feels like I'm taking 2 steps forward and one step back. It's soul destroying at times, but I'm feeling better already so I can't wait to see how I feel when I reach my target. This month I gained my 25 pounds lost badge.
Blue Skies - Beijing gets such a bad rep about pollution. Don't get me wrong, it's often deserved, but in the 4 years I've been here, I definitely see a huge improvement. There are so many days that look just like the photo above, but they never get a mention on social media or in the news. I love when the skies are blue!

What has been your top moment of the week?


  1. Yay! Congrats on the 25lb loss - that's AMAZING, and you should be so proud of yourself. xxx PS: That burger looks pretty damn awesome, and it's making me hungry!!!

    1. Thanks B, it's been a hard slog and I kind of spiralled a little over the past 2 weeks but I'm back on it. OMG the burger is SO good - I live for Saturday meals!!! x


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