Thursday, 13 September 2018

Our Autumn Bucket List

I love when Autumn comes around! It's such a nice season filled with snuggly jumpers and lovely smells, and it is the start of the run up to my absolute favourite time of year! Autumn in Beijing is super short, lasting about 3-4 weeks before the winter and the minus temperatures kick in. I often feel like I blink and miss it so this year I've created a little Autumn bucket list to make sure we make the most of the season.
Carve a pumpkin - At the ripe old age of 32 I've still never ever carved a pumpkin. Obviously this needs to charge so this year I'm going to have a pumpkin carving competition with Paul (and obviously win!)

Visit Fragrant Hills - Fragrant Hills celebrated the Red Leaf Festival every year and is one of the best places to see Autumn leaves in Beijing. I've wanted to visit for the past couple of years so this year is the perfect year to make the trip!

Have a Halloween movie night - Halloween movies terrify me so I will need to be very selective with the ones I choose. I'm thinking old school scary movies of my teenage years, like Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer, rather than The Exorcist style nightmare! Paul has a little X-Box den which is the cosiest place ever so I want to get all of the blankets and all of the snacks and snuggle up to watch loads of (slightly) scary movies.

Sample Moon Cakes - I've still never tried a Moon Cake! How can I call myself a Beijing expat if I've never tried a Moon Cake? They are basically Chinese cakes filled with all sorts of random fillings, from sweet to savoury. I feel like it is a right of passage into Beijing expat life though.

Badaling Great Wall - The Great Wall is beautiful during Autumn but I'm only ever visit Mutianyu. This year I want to visit a different part of the wall and see the changing colours that surround the wall during Autumn.

Make pumpkin soup - I love pumpkin soup but have never made it before so this autumn is the perfect time. Plus, I really love the idea of my house smelling like pumpkin.

Buy autumnal candles - Autumn has some of the best scents, right? Good candles in Beijing are super expensive so we very rarely buy them, but this autumn I want to invest in a beauitful autumn candle to keep my house smelling divine throughout the season.

Have a games night - I love a good games night and autumn is the perfect time for a solid session of gaming. The nights are still light(ish) and the weather has just enough chill to make you happy to stay home.

What's on your 2018 autumn bucket list?


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