Wednesday, 5 September 2018

The Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Had you asked me a few years ago, I would never have thought the Edinburgh Military Tattoo would be up my street, however, after watching it a couple of years ago, I would go back time and time again. It's rare that I'm home in August so when I knew that I would be this year, I booked tickets straaight away.

As we've been to Edinburgh a few times we didn't do too many of the sights. Instead we relaxed, shopped and ate - a pretty great list of things to do for a weekend away I think! I really like the city of Edinburgh! It's such a cool city with a mix of culture, history and modernisation. I also found every person we met so so friendly and that really helps to make a place great! 

The walk up to the castle is really pretty and it's so worth heading there a little early so you can take it in. Particularly if you walk along the Royal Mile, there is lots to see and do on the way. 

The setting of the Tattoo is just incredible! As we arrived the sun was just beginning to set and the castle looked amazing against the backdrop of the pink and purple sky. The setting is one of the things that makes the Tattoo so great! I mean, it's stunning anyway, but add the awesomeness of the Tattoo and the effects they use during the show, it's simply breathtaking! 

I loved every single bit of the show, I genuinely feel like I should have been in a Marching Band when I was younger because I just love them. I know, I'm a big ol' geek! They showcase military from all over the world, playing their traditional instruments and songs and doing their traditional dances. I love them, but my favourites will always be from the UK.

The finale, of course, was the best bit! It was the part where they played all the traditional UK classics that remind me of home. Sitting in these stunning surroundings. listening to and seeing some of the things that remind me of home the most, was one of the key points at which I decided that it was time to return home from expat life. 

I honestly can't recommend the Edinburgh Military Tattoo enough! It's a fantastic show, showcasing all of the talents of the military as well as the many young people they allow to participate in the show. I will most definitely be back, very soon I hope! 

Have you seen the Edinburgh Military Tattoo? What did you think...?

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