Thursday, 4 October 2018

Cheat's Tuna Pasta Bake

I came back to Beijing with a goal in mind (well, a few goals actually) but one of them was to lose weight. Maybe I have lived a sheltered life for far too long, but I didn't realise you could get packet mixes that basically make your meal for you. What a revelation! Thank you Colman's!

Naturally, as soon as I found out, I stocked up on all of the mixes that I could carry and filled a suitcase with them to bring back to China. They're not all the healthiest meals ever, but they're a reasonable calorie count and they're way better than eating rabbit food! They are probably single-handedly keeping me on track with this diet thing.
Today I wanted to share one of my favourites - tuna pasta bake! I'm a huge pasta lover, I would literally live on it if I could! Well, maybe pasta and cake! It's the easiest meal to make and so yummy!


  • Colman's Tuna Pasta Bake 
  • 420g skimmed milk
  • 225g pasta
  • 200g can of tuna
  • 115g frozen sweetcorn
  • 80g cheese
  • 25g plain crisps

What To Do
  • Cook pasta to your liking
  • Tip the contents of the sachet into a saucepan, add a splash of milk and mix well.
  • Stir in remaining milk and bring to the boil, continuously stirring.
  • Add the tuna, sweetcorn and cooked pasta and simmer for 1 minute, continuously stirring.
  • Pour into an ovenproof dish, top with crisps and cheese and place under a hot grill until golden.

Serve With

I usually find that the meal is enough by itself and doesn't need a side, but if you did want to make one, here are a few suggestions:
Looks delish doesn't it? It's right up there with my favourite meals and so quick and easy. I honestly don't know how I ever survived without Colman's! 

    What's your favourite pasta dish?


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