Monday, 22 October 2018

My Dream Home

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I'm in a place in my life that I wasn't sure I would ever arrive at. All of my life I've been pretty care-free and the grown up life just hasn't really entered my mind. I've loved travelling and not having any responsibilities, but all of a sudden I am craving those grown up things.

The thought of having my own home to decorate fills me with excitement and thoughts of family life keep creeping in. We've been talking a lot about the kind of home we want and spent hours trawling through Right Move at the properties available, and it's got me to thinking about my dream home.


This is an important one for both of us, although we're not fully in agreement on the location we want. I would love to live on a little estate where everybody knows your name. I'm picturing an American-style neighbour hood where people havee playdates and pop over for pie and coffee and the whole estate decorate their house like this for every holiday.

But in reality I am moving back to the UK where that just doesn't happen (if anybody knows of somewhere where this does happen, let me know - I'm so there!) Paul wants somewhere with nature around it and that would be my second option, failing the happy little holiday village I dream of. We're lucky that my home town has countryside and the seaside very close so either of those options would work for us. We have our heart set on a gorgeous little village area which is surrounded by huge fields and is about a 7 minute drive from the seaside- the best of both worlds! The only problem with this area is that the houses are pricey but we have found some that are reasonable so we're praying that luck is on our side when it's time to buy.

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Having a garden is really important to us. Neither of us are gardeners, and I am probably the only female in the world that hates flowers so we will never have a pretty garden but it's still an essential for us. I'd love to have a patio area where we can have bbqs and decorate with fairy lights and all of the cute things. But most importantly we want a big grass area which will be filled with kids toys. I remember having so many toys outside when I was a kid and spending so much time playing in the back garden. I want that for my kids too. Oh, and a firepit would be an absolute dream! The thought of roasting marshmallows on our very own firepit in autumn gives me all of the excited feelings.

Living Room

This is the most most important thing for me as it's the place we would spend the most time in. Firstly, the shape matters. I definitely don't want a long living room as theyre just not cosy! It needs to be a squar-ish shape so that the furniture can be arranged in a nice cosy way. I'd absolutely love a log fireplace, that would be a dream! Most importantly though, I want it to be cosy enough, but large enough that our kids can play in there too. Oh, and of course, it needs to have enough space to fit in the biggest Christmas Tree you've ever seen!

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Everyone who knwos me knows that I'm no chef, but I really want to get better at cooking and make more effort and I especially want to bake more. Having lived with a tiny kitchen for the past 2 years, I now appreciate how important it is to have a good kitchen with lots of spaces and storage. I would love to have an island/breakfast space in my kitchen, you know, for when I'm Mary Berrying at life. I'd also love to have a dining room that was separate, you know, for all of the dinner parties I will host.


The bedrooms aren't too important to me, as I think it's easy to turn a bedroom into what you want it to be. I've never really been the kind of person to spend too much time in my bedroom as I'm usually in the living room. We definitely want a house with 3 bedrooms so that our kids can have a room each when we have a family. Other than that, I don't really have any specific requirements for the bedrooms as the decor will make them cute and cosy.

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Again, having a tiny bathroom right now as made me realise that I wan a decent sized bathroom in my own home. We'd definitely need a shower and a bath. I'd want it to be decorated very modern, with tiles and have the softest, fluffiest towels.


I would love to have a conservatory that could double up as a playroom/games room. It would be great to have a second cosy seating area, but also, I don't want to be one of those mums that always has to tidy everything away. This would be the place where the kids could leave their models and we could leave out our half completed jigsaws. This would be the fun room!

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This is an essential for me too. I fully intend to have huge boxes of decor for every holiday that exists, so storage space is an essential.

So that's it, my dream house! I never thought I would be the kind of person that would get excited over a house, but writing this post genuinely did get me so excited for the time when we have our very own home. Now I just need to get saving lots of pennies, because this dream house isn't going to come cheap!

What does your dream house look like?


  1. I love your ideas for a dream home. I have been looking at houses lately and I would love to have a large living room with an office "attached" and an island in the kitchen is a must-have of mine as well. Lovely article.

    1. That sounds perfect! I feel like if I had an island in the kitchen I'd become a master chef, so obviously, it needs to happen ;-) x

  2. I'm loving your dream home Nikki! It must be so exciting to think you can move anywhere you want, everything is a possibility! The garden sounds dreamy, I love the idea of it being all cosy with fairy lights and a fire pit. I live in a flat at the moment so would loveeee to have a proper garden someday. Also storage is a bit of an issue at the moment for me, so a loft with those storage boxes is a brilliant idea, then I can get loads of Christmas decorations, he he! Thank you for sharing your amazing dream home, I hope one day it becomes a reality for you! <3 xx

    Bexa |

    1. We live in a flat at the moment too which is super small. I get all excited inside every time I think about having my very own house!! x


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