Monday, 1 October 2018

October 2018 Goals

Happy October! It's officially the run up to my most favourite time of year and that means I can officially start to get excited!

So, here are my goals for this month.

♥ Lose a stone and a half
Now that I'm back on track with my diet, I'm determined to reach my goals by Christmas! Brooklyn and I shared our Christmas targets so I have to do it now! Big goal this month, but if I'm really strong I can do it!

♥ Plan and take an epic trip to Hong Kong
I've been to Hong Kong a few times but there is so much I haven't seen and this will probably be my last chance before I leave Asia so I want to do it allll!

♥ Celebrate Halloween
I usually let Halloween pass without much recognition which is sad, because I love every holiday! I want to celebrate this year! Not with dress up, I'm not much of a dress-up fan, but I want to carve pumpkins, watch scary movies and eat Halloween treats. 

♥ Complete my jigsaw
Last Christmas I started doing a puzzle and got really into it so I brought some back to Beijing. Not just any puzzle, Wasjig puzzles. I'd love to take the time to take the time to finish one this month.

♥ Earn £500 in sales
I have a couple of online businesses that I am developing and I'd love to earn £500 from them this month. It's do-able with hard work I think.

♥ Visit Fragrant Hill

Fragrant Hills is the best place to see Autumn leaves in Beijing but I've never been yet as it's quite far from me. This month I want to book a driver and go and experience Autumn! 

♥ Connect with and make friends with 3 bloggers

I'ngm just not really part of the blogger community and there are so many great people out there. I want to actively engage with people and befriend 3 bloggers.

♥ Figure out my budget

I've made no secret of the fact that I want to go home and I'm here to save money to give us a good start at home. I want to figure out my budget this month to see what we're looking at (and what holidays we can afford to take)

♥ Have a laser hair removal session

I had this a year or so ago and it was brilliant but I definitely need to go again. I usually pay for 5 sessions and that keeps them at bay for about a year. 

♥ Get on top of October and November's blogging schedule

When life gets busy or I go off track, I'm never able to stay on top of blogging. I want to plan and pre-write as much of my October and November content as I can and stick to my schedule.

What are your goals for October?

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