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The Ultimate Beijing Bucket List (101 Things to Do, See, Eat)

Now that there is a limit on my time left in Beijing, with plans to leave Summer 2020, I've been making a list of all of the things I want to do. I want to leave knowing I have truly experienced Beijing!

I have already created my Beijing Bucket List and Beijing Foodie Bucket List which are the things that are top of my list of things to do, but I've also created the ultimate list! The ultimate list of 101 things to do, see, eat and experience in Beijing.

I'm excited to tick them off as I experience my final year and a half in Beijing!
Outdoors & Nature

1.    Summer Palace
2.    Beihai Park
3.    Badachu Park
4.    Fragrant Hill (Red Lead Festival)
5.    The Great Wall Badaling
6.    The Great Wall Mutianyu
7.    Jingdong Grand Canyon
8.    Jingdong Karst Cave
9.    Beijing International Flower Port
10.  Jingshan Park
11.  Shilin Gorge Sightseeing Platform
12.  Longqing Gorge
13.  Cuandixia Village
14.  Gubei Water Town
15.  Longtan Park
16.  Chaoyang Park
17.  Shidu Nature Park
18.  Explore Houhai Lake
19.  Shihua Cave
20.  Beidaihe Beach
21.  Honglou Mountain (And temple)
22.  Zhongshan Park
23.  Ritan Park
24.  Beijing Botanical Garden
25.  Yinshan Pagoda Forest
26.  Explore the Wild Wall
27.  Frozen Waterfall
Sights & Attractions
28.  The Forbidden City
29.  The Temple of Heaven
30.  Tiananmen Square
31.  Beijing Zoo
32.  Lama Temple
33.  Bird’s Nest
34.  Donghuamen Night Market
35.  Water Cube (at night)
36.  The Ming Tombs
37.  Tianjin day trip
38.  Wangfujing Shopping Street
39.  Drum & Bell Towers
40.  National Grand Theatre
41.  World Park
42.  798 Art Zone
43.  Marco Polo Bridge
44.  Confucius Temple
45.  Happy Valley Beijing
46.  Mao Memorial Hall
47.  National Museum of China
48.  Liulichang Culture Street
49.  Prince Gong’s Mansion
50.  Tanzhe Temple
51.  Qianmen Street
52.  Beijing Folk Museum
52.  CCTV Tower (views)
53.  The Pearl Market
54.  Palace Museum
55.  The Silk Market
56.  Dingduge Pavillion
57.  Chang’An Street
58.  Sanlitun
59.  Beijing Aquarium
60.  Nan Luogu Xiang
61.  Old Summer Palace
Events & Experiences
62.  Tuk tuk ride in the Hutongs
63.  Celebrate Chinese New Year in China
64.  Attend a Chinese Temple Fair
65.  Stay at The Brickyard
66.  Chaoyang Acrobatics Show
67.  The Legend of Beijing (Kung Fu Show)
68.  Beijing Peking Opera
69.  Longqing Gorge Ice and Snow Festival
70.  Yuyuantan Cherry Blossom Festival
71.  Lao She Tea House
72.  Boating on Houhai Lake
73.  Fly a plane over the Great Wall
74.  Camp on the Great Wall
75.  Tianman Flag Raising Ceremony
76.  Sing karaoke at KTV
77.  Golden Masked Dynasty Show
78.  Guoan Football Match
79.  Beijing Ghost Tour
80.  Boat trip on Kunming Lake
81.  Ride an ice bicycle on a frozen lake
Food & Drink
82.  Central Perk, Friends CafĂ© in Beijing
83.  Moon cakes during Mid-Autumn Festival
84.  Haidilao Hot Pot
85.  The Taco Bar
86.  Mr Shi’s Dumplings
87.  Dim Sum Brunch at The Ritz
88.  Bubbilicious Brunch at The Westin
89.  Temple Restaurant Beijing
90.  Jianbing for breakfast
91.  One Thousand and One Nights
92.  Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant
93.  Rooftop drinks at Yin, New World Hotel
94.  Q-Mex
95.  Beijing Food Tour
96.  Homeplate
97.  8-Bit
98.  Lost Heaven
99.  Great Leap Brewing
100. The Bookworn
101.  Hutong Pizza

Beijing Bucket List Map
Follow this map to plan your trip and tick off as many things as you can!

And don't forget to print the ultimate Beijing bucket list to take with you on your trip!
Top Tips

  • When arriving at the airport, prepare for the craziness. It's busy and much less organised than you are probably used to. Don't be afraid to be assertive. 
  • Wait in the queue for a taxi - don't trust the vendors or guys who approach you. There is also an Aiport Express that takes you into town which is often quicker than waiting in traffic.
  • Booking a private driver for the day is pretty reasonably priced and you can tick off lots of attractions in a day. I recommend Peter who is based near the airport and has a fleet of drivers. He's very reliable - His WeChat ID is Tel13601292213 (which is also his phone number) 
  • Make sure you download a VPN, Didi (taxi app) and WeChat - check out more apps to download.
  • Always take tissues! Beijing toilets are not like Western toilets and toilet paper is not always provided. Always take a supply with you. 
  • Book a hotel in the city centre. Traffic can be crazy in Beijing so it's always best to stay close to the main attractions so you don't spend too much of your time stuck in traffic. 
  • Prepare for people to stare and take photos of you. It's rude to us, but it's not to them. It's generally non-threatening, they're just intruiged by the foreign person. If you're uncomfortable with it, they usually stop if you indicate for them to. 
  • People will spit. Not only will they spit, they will spit in the worst way possible. If you had lived in Beijing pollution as long as them, you probably would too (this is probably my worst thing about Beijing, I hate it!)
  • Keep an open mind! China is very different to what you have probably experienced and there are many positives and negatives of every place. 
Let me know what you think! Anything I've missed? Anything you didn't rate?

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