Friday, 2 November 2018

November Goals

It's November, which means it's almost Christmas. I generally spend this time of year in a state of excitement because there are so many lovely things that happen.

October wasn't a great month for me. It's not that anything bad happened particularly, but I felt very tired, had a bit of a head cold and you know when sometimes, the basic things feel hard? That's what October felt like for me. My healthy habits spiralled a little (although I only gained 2 pound which is a bonus) and I just didn't feel particularly 'on' life. Here's a quick update on how I got on.

 Lose a stone and a half - October was not a good food month for me.
 Plan and take an epic trip to Hong Kong - read about it here and here.
 Celebrate Halloween - we ate pumpkin chilli and watched Harry Potter. Not the best celebration, but it counts.
 Complete my jigsaw - we started but didn't complete it.
 Earn £500 in sales - we managed to earn a little more than this.
 Visit Fragrant Hill - we missed the best time for autumn leaves so put this back to next year.
 Connect with and make friends with 3 bloggers - Not achieved, but I did find some great bloggers than I am now actively following - Bexa and Hels.
 Figure out my budget - the next year is all about saving and now we have a plan.

My November goals are all about sorting out those things that didn't go so well in October so I can get back on track between now and Christmas.

♥  Stick to my healthy eating plan

I've spiralled a little in the past couple of weeks so I really want to get back on track. I spent some time last weekend meal prepping so I'm all set to get back on plan. 

♥  Have an autumn clean

With plans to leave Beijing next year, I want to start taking some things back to the UK that I don't need here. Over the past 4 years we've accumulated a lot of things and in our final summer we are heading straight to the USA for a last blow out trip before moving home so we need to get as much back before that time so this Christmas is a good time to start. 

♥  Work out Monday - Friday

So far I've not been working out to lose weight, only eating well. I want to step up my exercise from this month, doing a workout DVD Monday - Friday. I'm hoping this will increase my motivation too. 

♥ Complete my jigsaw

I've added this from last month as I didn't manage to get it done. I need more relaxation time away from my laptop and phone. 

♥ Finish my Christmas shopping

I want to get all of my Christmas shopping done so I can just relax and have the best time when I'm at home this Christmas. Time at home is so short so I want to make the most of it.

♥ Grow my nails

Over the summer my nails for strong and long but Beijing climate has destroyed them. I want to look after them this month and try to get them healthy again.

♥ Do something each weekend

Each weekend in November I want to spend one of the days out in Beijing, exploring and ticking some things off our Beijing bucket list.

♥ Figure out my Instagram

I'm not very happy with my Instagram account and want to change up  what I'm doing on there. I'm not sure how or what I want to do. I don't particularly want a theme, but I do want it to look cleaner and just generally more appealing. 

What are your goals for November?

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