Thursday, 20 December 2018

A Christmassy Trip to Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a really cool city that I visit often, but at Christmas time, London has my heart. Apart from New York City of course, which stole my heart many years ago. This year, instead of a yearly Christmas trip to London, we decided to change it up and visit Edinburgh instead. While it didn't quite match up to London, Edinburgh sure knows how to do Christmas and we had such a lovely time.
Naturally, our trip started with Christmas coffee from Costa; my very first festive drink of the year. 
As soon as we stepped onto Princes Street, the festive vibe was alive and kicking, with the Christmas market buzzing all along the street. I wasn't really expecting too much from the market, but actually, it was lovely! It was huge, with so many unique stalls and so many food options.

These Christmas wreaths are my absolute favourite. They literally epitomise the smell of Christmas. When I have my own home, I'm going to fill it with these at Christmas time.

This was the absolute best mac n cheese!

Fudge is my Christmas treat that I always buy on my Christmas trips I love all of the unique flavours.

We spent our second day wandering along the Royal Mile, popping into the little shops along the way. I absolutely love those little unique boutique style shops so I was in my element.. It was a rainy and windy day, which put a little bit of a dampner (geddit) on the day but we made the most of it. 

Our final stop in Edinburgh was The Dome, which is possibly the most Christmassy place in the world. I'd heard all about the decorations at The Dome, but this didn't prepare me for how stunning they were. They were completely over the top, but still classy and beautiful. I loved it there; I feel like this is what my house will look like one day. We had afternoon tea in the Georgian Tea Room and it was really cheap at only £18.50 each, but it was one of the best afternoon teas I've ever had, and I've had a lot. I'd highly recommend it if you're ever in Edinburgh. 

Isn't it stunning?

If you get the chance to visit Edinburgh at Christmastime, I completely recommend it. 

Where are your favourite places to visit at Christmas time?


  1. I can tell that you and your Mom are related. Loved all the Nutcrackers. Merry Christmas.

    1. Haha yeah, there's a definite resembelance there! Hope you had a fabulous Christmas! xx


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