Tuesday, 18 December 2018

A Festive Day in Newcastle

It's really rare that I'm home for the run up to Christmas, which is my absolute favourite time of year, but this year we flew home as soon as school finished so we get to join in all of the festivities. I love Newcastle at Christmas time, it always feels so festive and has such a good vibe. We timed our flight perfectly as we arrived one day before the Christmas markets in town ended, so my first festive event was a  Christmassy day in Newcastle with my mam.

We booked Brown's for lunch which is one of my favourite places in town. It's such a cute, cosy place, the food is always great and the service is excellent. I ordered from the festive menu and got a turkey dinner - it was delicious. All I want when I come home is home-cooked meals so this definitely hit the spot. We also ordered dessert, with mam choosing the apple crumble and I got the chocolate torte (because chocolate!) 

 After lots of shopping, for Christmas presents and some bargains for me, we checked out Fenwick's Window. Visiting Fenwick's Window at Christmas time has been a tradition ever since I was a kid. I remember going up after school to see the window and it was one of the only times in the year I got to eat a McDonald's for tea. When I was a kid, the window seemed to last forever and ever. This year's theme was The Snowman, which is one of my absolute favourites. Some years they go a little off Christmas, and while they're always great, I much prefer a good Christmas theme!

Oh how I miss all of  my home comforts when I'm in Beijing. It feels good to be home and I can't wait to join in all of the festivities this year!

What are your favourite festive things to do in your home town?


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