Monday, 14 January 2019

Goals for 2019

Happy New Year! I'm a little late in kicking off my goals for 2019 as we didn't arrive back in Beijing until 6th January and then were straight back to work, so it's been a pretty hectic week. Two weeks into the year and I'm ready to get started before any more time goes by.

I've decided to give this year a theme; a much needed theme that I relly need to focus on. This year's theme is Self-Love and most of my goals are going to be around self-improvement, health and looking after myself, physically and mentally. It's something that I never give enough time to and this is the year that I really want to devote more time to treating myself...well!

So, with that in mind, here are my 2019 goals.


  Reach my goal weight of 12 stone
❤  Eat healthy every day (apart from 1 takeaway/eating out per month)
❤  Drink at least 3 litres of water a day
❤  Take multivitamins every day
❤  Walk 15,000 steps Mon - Fri and 10,000 steps Sat & Sun
❤  Workout 5 days a week (Mon - Fri) 
❤  Follow a daily and weekly beauty routine
❤  Get laser hair removal 
❤  Get a pedicure
❤  Get pregnant

                                            HOBBIES & ENTERTAINMENT                                    

❤  Read at least 12 books
❤  Listen to music every day
❤  Complete at least 1 jigsaw
❤  Do at least 1 fun thing each weekend
❤  Try line dancing

                                                  FINANCE & ADULTING                                            

❤  Buy a house
❤  Save at least £2000 each month
❤  Pass my driving test


❤  Post on my blog twice a week
❤  Post on Instagram 5 times a week
❤  Be more active on social media


❤  Visit Singapore
❤  Take a touristy trip to London
❤  Spend a few days in the Lake District
❤  Go on a European beach holiday with Paul
❤  Visit Vienna at Christmas 
❤  Complete my Beijing bucket list

Today is the first day of really getting on track with my 2019 goals. We hopefully have some big changes planned and I can't wait to see what is in store! 

What's on your list for 2019?


  1. What a great list of goals - I love that you put them into categories, and such a wonderful theme!!
    Wishing you all the best in checking every single one of these off, & you totally deserve to treat yo' self!!

  2. What a great list of goals.. good luck on achieving them all.


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